Infinity, Jishan Biswas

Infinity is an indefinitely great number or amount. The concept of infinity is an important part of  mathematics. Infinity is something which never ends. specifically, infinity is a number which never ends and which doesn’t have any limit. i got the idea of infinity first when i was seven or eight years from my uncle. we went to the beach and i was wondering where is the end of the ocean? then, my uncle explained me that there is no ending point for the ocean as we can’t see the other bank of the ocean. the volume of the water of the ocean doesn’t have any limit. i got the formal idea of infinity in my high school. we were  taught about infinity in the context of numerical concepts. the symbol of infinity is \infty.

I uploaded a picture of the divider of a parking lot. in the picture, we can’t see the end or the bottom point of the divider. this means that, we don’t know the limit of that thing.

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