Infinity Infinities

The limitless possibilities of infinity

Infinity has to be the trickiest anomaly that we have. Infinity is supposed to encompass all things (like when we are doing limits in class) but then we don’t know what it is. We don’t know if infinity has a limit and can be reached. When you think about infinity in the physics sense, you can have multiple infinities. We use infinity as a general definition to try to make sense of things we have yet to understand. I think infinity has a limit. Infinity is something on a grand scale that we don’t have a tool to measure. It doesn’t seem logical that everything in this universe, galaxy (as far out as you want to expand) has a limit yet infinity doesn’t?! It is my strong belief that infinity and light are closely related. Once we finally figure out how to travel faster than the speed of light, we will get a more definitive picture of what infinity is and its limits.

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I really like math and physics.
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  1. Fly Jay says:

    I have to edit the pictures I’m not sure why two sets came out. The first picture is of total darkness because we don’t know what infinity is. The second is a jar a jellybeans to show that there can be multiple infinities.

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