Infinity – Jigme Woser

Infinity as in  many words but the way I can best describe it in my own words would be limitless. No matter what amount of time passes, the matter would always  be existant. I was first introduced to the idea and logic of infinity by my elementary school teacher, Mr. Greg. At the time I had no idea what he was referring to when he told my 4th grade class, “Knowledge is infinite, no matter how old you get you can always learn!”. As I got older it became how mind-blowing the thought of inifinity was. This idea of forever, eternety, struck correlation with the meaning of infinite, it all meant the same thing and this made this concept confusing to understand at first. The concept of infinity is still confusing at times to understand when it comes to applying it to applications but I have come to find a beauty and genuine interest in the concept.

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