Infinity- Patrick Chen


Up up and away!

Infinite may be described several different ways, depending on the perspective of the person. Infinite to me is, something that has no boundaries. There is no conclusive evidence where the beginning or ending is. There is just no limit, no beginning nor end in infinite.

When I was younger, I had no clue what infinite meant. I always thought it was a number, just unmentionable. The first time I remember hearing the word infinite was when children argued about who had more. “Well I have infinite times 2.” “So I have infinite times 3 + 5”. I always thought Infinite was a number, however as time went on I realized infinite is not a number. Infinite is endless.

The picture I took was of the sky. I am not saying the sky is infinite but rather the altitude. There is no limit in how high you can go. Chances are you will die if you reach a certain altitude in space but the height of space is limitless.

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