infinity-(about sky) by Nazir ahmed

infinity is something which never ends. In life, there are many examples of infinity even-though we do not realize them many times. i learned about infinity when i was about 10 years old. my mother told me story about god and the creation of god which has no ending. as i used to run after the sky to catch it when it seemed like the sky is touching the ground. my mother told me that it is an illusion. no matter how much i run, i would never be able to catch the sky. she told me that it seems like its ends some place but its not. it’s goes to infinity, which never ends.

As a result i took a picture of the sky and in this picture it’s shows how the sky ends at the end of the ocean but as we know it’s never ends. later when i took calculus in college i learned deeper meaning of infinity that countless numbers become infinity which is actually not a number but a symbol.

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