Ximena Morocho Fashion & Infinity

Ximena Morocho Fashion & Infinity

The pictures above are known as an infinity scarf. I thought I could be a bit creative and add a fashion piece that is very known and used all over the world. My idea of infinity is basically something that does not end and will continue. This scarf is called infinity because it has no end like typical scarfs it is sewn together at both ends. Infinity scarfs do not have the same meaning as infinity in math. In math infinity means an ongoing, never ending number and it can be negative or positive but for the scarf it just means a circular scarf with no ends.

I still remember the day I was introduced to the word infinity I was around 6 years old and was arguing with my cousin about who will buy the most ice cream. My cousin told me she had ten dollars and that she could buy a lot of ice creams and then I lied to her by saying my dad gave me one hundred dollars to buy all the ice cream in the store. She laughed at me and said “I have infinity dollars” and i just stood quite because I had no idea what infinity meant. Later on I got home and started to ask my mom, dad and sister what infinity was and then I knew she was also lying because there is no way to have infinity dollars. I believe that infinity can be represented in many ways because we have so many things that are never ending like time, distance,graphs and numbers. This website shows how to wear an infinity scarf and detailed information about how it represents infinity. (http://www.scarves.net/shape/loop-scarves/)In my religion infinity does not have the same meaning as infinity in mathematics. Am catholic and infinity is something thats never ending like the idea of god. Overall infinity has many meaning but all of those meanings come together to the main idea of never ending.



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2 Responses to Ximena Morocho Fashion & Infinity

  1. zbrowne says:

    The infinity scarf is a great item to choose for this project definitely. I’m actually surprised that I didn’t even think of that myself. When I first encountered that scarf in person, I actually fell fascinated with how both ends were sewed together. It reminded me of a hula-hoop, but just being clothing instead. But yes I agree with this choice.

  2. Keyla says:

    I love how you incorporated fashion into this assignment, I wouldn’t have thought of this. I actually had one of these scarves a few years ago, however, I had no idea it was called an infinity scarf. I can really see why it would be called that now. Basically, there is no beginning or end to this scarf and I love that they chose to incorporate infinity into its name because it really fits. Very creative.

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