Infinity- Musaib Ahmed

Infinity is a symbol. It is not a number. What is the definition of a number? A number is something that you can add, subtract, multiple or divide with other numbers.  You cannot add, subtract, multiple or divide with infinity. It is just a symbol. However, it used a lot in mathematics. I can still remember the time when I first got the concept of the infinity.  I was in 7th grade and I tried to plug in 1/0 into the calculator. However, the calculator says error. I tried again and again and its say again and again error. Then, I went to my brother and ask him that why the calculator says error when I plug in 1/0. He replied that it is undefined and then he goes future more that what happened if you put 0/0. He also mentioned to me that there is a symbol for it and its called infinity (∞).

I upload a picture of Atlantic Ocean. There is infinite amount of water in the Atlantic Ocean. If you try to take one glass of water from the ocean, nothing will happen to the amount of the water. The amount of the ocean still remains the infinity.  In mathematics, if you subtract something from infinity it remains the same (∞-1=∞). Again, if you add something with infinity it remains infinity (∞+1=∞).  An ocean is a good example of infinity. Also, infinity is something that we cannot see with our eyes. Also, it is something that we cannot think in our mind. If you want to think about the amount of the water in the Atlantic Ocean, it will not be able to visualize it in your mind or eyes. So, infinity is something that we cannot see in our eyes and cannot think of. However, we can use it in math.

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