Treasure Hunt ” South Jamaica Queens, Ny” -Todd Manning

From my title everybody can tell that I’m from South Jamaica Queens. Although the street i live on in relatively quiet, my neighborhood is far from that. There are usually multiple illegal things going on any given day which is why there is a very heavy police presence. Due to the nature of my area i don’t like to be in the area when possible. I will say that when I enter my block it feels like a whole other world almost enough to make you forget you are in a working class neighborhood. To anybody wishing to visit my neighborhood, the best advice i can give is to keep your head down and go about your business. Because my neighborhood isn’t very friendly as well as spending my entire spring break at work. The photos are not from any one particular neighborhood but were taken during my travels,


Photo 1: is a picture of a traffic light and the 3 circles are the bulbs of the light

Photo 2: The repeating pattern of the glass building in the background of the picture. The glossy glass panels along with the matte panels forming anĀ aestheticĀ and artistic pattern. I find this very interesting because it show’s the moreĀ artisticĀ side of architecture.

Photo 3: I thought of this on my way home from work one night. i realized that the tracks and Third rail always run parallel and theĀ concert ties that hold the rails in place are alway perpendicular to the rails.

photo 4: the style # to a pair of Nike Id Sneakers i won while i was at work over spring break, The number is unique to only that one pair of sneakers




Photo 5: i couldn’t really find a parabola until i passed by aĀ McDonald and noticed the “Golden arches” two parabolas.

Photo 6: This is a photo of a model Camaro that i got for my Birthday 4 months back. During the time i wasn’t at work and not sleeping, i managed to paint all the parts and assemble it. A huge hobby for me is model building. I like to work with my hands and building cars, Boats, Planes, Robots, ect. keep my mind busy which i something i truly enjoy.

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2 Responses to Treasure Hunt ” South Jamaica Queens, Ny” -Todd Manning

  1. aboodhoo93 says:

    I am very familiar with your neighborhood, Todd. If it’s not the unfriendly people, it’s the cops who are constantly harassing innocent people. I also like the pictures you posted, they are creative yet very simple.

  2. Thank you, i try not to be home when im outta the house i honestly hate it over there but eh what can you do……

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