Treasure Hunt Bushwick, Brooklyn & Ridgewood, Queens By: Aubrina Halley

I officially live in brooklyn, but at same time with queens because I am right on the border line. In fact I have a queens zipcode, weird. My block is kind of quiet because most people work or are not at home. However at soon it gets even a little warmer, loud music is played and parties in backyard. There is also annoying ice-cream truck, and sirens from abulances, fire trucks, and police cars. Also make sure you always look down my block is known for its maze of dog doo. Parking is always hard to find, and it dosen’t help cars from other blocks park on our block too. I like that my neighborhood is multicultural. Where I live there are some white, black, hispanic, west indian, chinese people and more espeially heaading towards queens where it gets european.       

These numbers mean the auctave for gas, you know when you go to the gas station to refill your vehicle

    Picture# 1) These numbers reprsent the auctave tank, you know when you go to refill gas for your vehicle, i think has to do with which prenium of gas your getting. I don’t quite understand myself since I don’t fill gas  

This pattern on my door is just cool   

Picture # 2) This is a pattern on my door. I choose it because it just looks so cool to me different from normal designs of doors, and kind of crystal like.   

Don't know what type of vehicle but its cool, and has 3 circles  

Picture#3) I don’t know what type of vehicle it is, not my thing, and I tried to aim it so I didn’t get license plate. Two of circles are headlights, and the third is the fog light. 

Parallel and perpendicular  

Picture # 4) I went to New York&Company and notice the poles in the display were both parallel and perpendicular     


Picture#5) Well I notice the Mcdonald’s sign was two parabolas connected that open downwards            

Weeping Willow 

Picture #6) This is a picture in a little garden of a weeping willow tree. I like because it looks comfortable to sit under as shade, and looking at  seems peaceful. Its calming. How many places in NY Brooklyn have trees, let alone a weeping willow. Yea there are some parks and stuff, but most trees are cut down; there is nothing but sidewalks and buildings. If you want to see trees you would have to go upstate or central park or something. New York’s layout before there was buildings were covered by a forest of trees.


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  1. arielyip says:

    I like picture number four because it show a perfect example of the lines n I like how its angled.

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