Welcome and Getting Started

This course is MAT 1275, College Algebra and Trigonometry, taking place in the Spring 2012 semester with Professor Reitz.  We will be using this website in a variety of ways this semester – as a central location for information about the course (assignments, review sheets, policies, and so on), a place to ask and answer questions, to post examples of our work, and to talk about algebra and trigonometry, education, reality and other false premises.

Getting Started

Anyone on the internet can look around the site and see what we are doing, and even leave a comment on one of the pages.  However, only registered users can create new posts and participate in the discussion boards.

How do I register?

You will need to do two things:

  1. If you have not used the openlab before, you must first create an account (you will need access to your citytech email address for this).  Detailed instructions can be found by following this linkto the help pages, finding the “Especially For Students” section about halfway down the page, and then looking at the first link “Getting Started with the OpenLab and Joining Your Courses.”
  2. Once you have created an account on the openlab, log in and then join this particular course, Spring 2012 MAT 1575 with Mr. Reitz.  To do this, first click the “Course Profile” link at the top left of this page (just under the picture).  Find the area labelled “Course” on the right side, and click the “Join Now” button underneath it.
Header image for the website and group avatar are details from “Beautiful Dance Moves” by Dylan Ng, http://www.flickr.com/photos/dylanng/6267107228/
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8 Responses to Welcome and Getting Started

  1. Joshua Ruiz says:

    My registration is complete.

  2. johnny says:

    i have registered

  3. tliu1991 says:

    I just registered. I’m just wondering, how often would you be posting questions/comments on this site for us to participate in?

  4. Hi! finally I’m registered.

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