OpenLab Assignment #1: Mathography

This assignment is due Wednesday evening, April 6th (midnight).

Assignment.  Choose ONE of the following two topics.  Write a reply to this post, responding to the topic (1-2 paragraphs).  Begin by telling us which topic you chose.  Be sure to include your name in the post (so I can give you credit).


  1. Was math ever your favorite subject? If so, when was it? What about math made it your favorite? If math has never been your favorite subject, what about it do you not like?
  2. Sometimes people can recognize a time when their opinion of math dramatically changed either for the better or the worse. If such a time happened for you or for a friend of yours, tell about it. If you did not experience such a thing, tell about your steady feelings about mathematics.

Extra Credit.  For extra credit, write a response to one of your classmates’ comments.  Do you feel the same?  Did you learn anything?  Do you have any advice?

Why are we doing this, anyway?  Having progressed this far in your school career, you are familiar with many of the tools for learning math:  studying, practicing by doing problems, asking questions when you need help, and so on.  I’d like to talk about two activities that may NOT seem related to learning math — but research shows that engaging in these activities can dramatically increase the amount that you learn, and change the way you learn it.  The first is writing — something not typically associated with mathematics.  When you express your ideas in words, it forces you to think them through very carefully, detail by detail.  A great way to check and see if you really understand something is to try to explain it to someone else, either out loud or in writing.  Example: if you know how to add fractions, try teaching it someone who doesn’t know how.  The second is called metacognition, or “thinking about thinking.”  This happens when you think about what was going on in your head while you were working on a problem or trying to learn a new idea.  What train of thought did you follow?  Where did you get stuck, and what did you do next?  What were you feeling at the time? and so on.  Combining writing and metacognition can be a tremendously powerful tool in identifying the ways we learn best and the ways we make mistakes, and learning to improve.  However, like any skill, it takes practice.  That’s why we’re getting started by writing a little about our past experiences with mathematics.

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53 Responses to OpenLab Assignment #1: Mathography

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  2. nicole etienne-gillis says:

    1.Math was my favorite subject from elementry to 11th grade reason being math was less complex. my first year in college math was so great! Algebra is my favorite . When i began to do slopes, word problems that are complex and 01001000100 i was totally lost and could not stand math. Well, that portion of mathematics. As for now I am giving math another try even though im told that statistics is extremely hard but iwalways say it depends on how the professor teaches and how he/she intrigues your mind and have you focused. Maybe thats why I ended up detesting math.

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      Hi Nicole — welcome to the openlab, and thanks for being the first-post-er! You’ll find that statistics is a little different from other kinds of math — it’s not nearly so based on algebra (manipulating equations). It’s more heavily computational (calculating with numbers, evaluating formulas) and also conceptual (thinking about the situation, seeing how it fits into what we learned). Good luck this semester!
      Mr. Reitz
      ps. not sure what “01001000100” means – no wonder you were lost! 😉

      • Nicole etienne gillis says:

        Hahaha 01010 was infinte math I think bimomials something of the sort I was taking this at medgar evers

  3. marlene baptiste says:

    I pick the first topics.
    Math is not my favorite subject. When I do math sometimes is hard for my to get the right answers. I do not hate math because I even use math every day such as home , work and school. I do not like when i do math that I have to think for in order to solve the problem. When I think so hard most of the times I come ups with the wrong answers. I do try to solve the math problem sometimes it takes time to be ready sure it is the right answer. I know in my major I might use math sometime not all the time. At home I use math to cook sometime I may use a measuring cup or anything that have to do with math. I use math at work such as when I buy sometime for the client I might used to add up divide or subtract. I use math in some of my classes such as when a paper is due how to solve the problem. I feel that math is very useful most of the time.
    By the year of 2050 everyone should know some math in their lives. Most of the material we use going to be in math form and we must know computer too because that have some math in there. When I was in school I started when basic math even in high school I was place in a remedial math class but I pass it . When I went to college I was place in a remedial math class ; therefore, math been my hardships since the started of time.

    I do feel a little bit difference about math in away because I could understand a little about it but not a lot. I could help other when they need help. At work I could do the basic math so I do not have use a tool : I could used my mind instead of a tool use solve the math problem.People who do have a hardships with math keep trying and thinking. People learn by practicing their math problem not just not taking any action toward it. Math is hard sometimes it need more attention.

    • Yasmin Masas says:

      Hello Marlene,

      I can totally relate to you on your view on Math. I as well can relate and say that math has always been a difficult subject for me. When I find a problem difficult to solve, I get so frustrated. I did learn in college though that if you really put your mind to something and study really well, things will be much more clearer. You are right about math being in our lives all the time, which is why I hope that we both get better at it.


    • tchoedon says:

      i totally agree with what ever you have said here. ever since i was kid i couldn’t understand any words of the problem. for me math was and is a difficult subject. but lets see what will bring in my future about math. and i like that math is related to our daily life. there’s a saying “practice make man perfect.” when ever you are doing math anywhere do not let math let you down. keep trying it until you get it right.

  4. Hi, I am responding to topic choice #2. It wasnt until my junior year of high school that I came to appreciate mathamatics. I think it was because the teacher was so enthusiastic about making sure her students understood the content. I remember there were moments when one student just couldnt understand how the teacher came to the conclusion of a math problem. The teacher would then go step by step through the problem on the chalk board until we understood. Another thing the teacher would have us do is go up to the board to solve problems and made us show our work. This helped me because I learned from other students and it helped me gain confidence in my abilties to solve problems. I like math because theres usually only one right answer and its like breaking a code, unlike english where there are so many interpretations. : )

    • Hello Elizabeth,
      It is ironic how it took both of our eleventh grade teachers to expand and draw our interest into the world of mathematics. While we may think that were the only ones who struggle or or have difficult with a subject, we later learn that many others share the same dilemma.

      • Usmaan Qureshi says:

        That is the same reason why I love math! I love the fact that there is only one right answer. Also I like the fact that you can always work backwards and see if your final answer is correct. I also believe that a teacher can make a difference on how you view math. A teacher can make math interesting and fun but yet challenging at the same time. Unfortunately some teachers can make math very boring and confusing.

        • Yes, I wish Nursing exams only had one correct answer. Most of the time there are two correct answers to a question but we have to use critical thinking to determine the “BEST” choice. Its difficult for me but I am learning.

  5. Rose-Mick September
    Topic #1
    When I was in grade school math wasn’t exactly one of my favorite subjects although I alway’s did do well in it. Factoring numbers, algebra, and fractions gave me a headache. Once I set my mind to getting my work done it was accomplished. As time went on math remained easy for me. Whether it was just because most of my teachers really didn’t care for their students to succeed or that their teaching methods wasn’t challenging; I always managed to aced the coarse. Until my junior year of high school, when math become my hardest subject. In a way today, I am glad that my eleventh grade teacher, cared enough to test the mind of his students. To locate their weakness and turn them into strengths. My eyes open up to a alternate form of math. He helped broaden my knowledge, enhanced my speed and enjoy numbers for the first time. Today, while I may not love math and sometimes become frustrated with it, I do appreciate the value of it.

    • isak says:


      I know that math sometimes cant frustrated, and some people dont get it, a friend that is like that, no matter what, he still doesn’t get it. We have to pass college so, we have all the needs a great professor to guide us. If something other students could help out if something.

  6. isak says:

    Topic 1

    Math always been my favorite subject, it always been interesting ,solving and figuring it out, because i like to think, but my favorite math course is algebra and all others, but the most i hate is graphing and trigonometry i always have problem with it. No matter were you go math never changes, because i use to live in Russia, and when i came her, it also the same, the languages is not different. Also my major Accounting requires some math courses and this summer, will be my last math courses, so i will try to have fun with it.

    • rokshana says:

      I totally agree with you because when I came to America the only subgect I actually understood was math. Its true that math never change no matter where you are. 🙂

  7. dcaban428 says:

    David Caban
    Topic #2

    Math was NEVER my favorite subject from grade school through high school and even now, but my view did change when I was in middle school. In middle school I found myself processing simple math quickly in my head while other students was using notepads and calculators. Later on I found that skill useful for when i started working and dealing with money being able to calculate the totals and the percents off in my head without having to use the register i was able to help customers more quickly and proficiently then other workers. I’m not saying math is my favorite subject now cause it’s not, i’m saying that me realizing my natural knack for math helped me progress and succeed in several jobs i have had over the years.

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      Having a knack for working with numbers can be a real help, both in life and in mathematics — we often call this “numeracy”, kind of the math equivalent of “literacy”.
      -Mr. Reitz
      ps. However (for anyone else reading this, who does not have the same view of numbers), this kind of natural “number sense” is not essential — with hard work, practice, and willingness to ask questions, anyone can learn this material!

      • That is really good David that you have the ability to process numbers quickly in your head. Hold on to that skills, because unlike most other people performing mathematically formulas in their head is difficult.

        Rose-Mick September

  8. Yasmin Masas says:

    I’m chosing choice #1.

    Ever since I can remember, Math has been my least favorite subject. Since elementary school, I struggled in Math mainly because I sometimes get intimidated
    by too many numbers. Once I saw a long problem or a problem that consists of many numbers, I freak out and usually over think it. Another reason why Math is my least favorite subject in school its because there are many formulas you must remember in order to get the correct answer and if you mess up in one step, your whole answer is wrong. I get frustrated very easily and math is one of those things that makes my frustration come out if I cannot understand a problem and get a correct answer. I must admit though, that from some stranger reason, Math in college seems to be a little easier for me. After studying and memorizing the formulas, I do pretty good in solving the problems but I still get frustrated in the process at times.

  9. rokshana says:

    Rokshana Parvin
    Topic 2
    Math was one of my favorite subject since I was a kid and it still is but not as much as before. Infact I wanted to do something related to math ever since elementary school. I used to love solving problems and love all the calculations and solving for “X”. I am not saying I am a genius and there was time when I did get 65 in exams. One of the reason I loved math because I simply enjoyed working with numbers.
    Once I started high school I realiezed math was getting harder and harder but that did not stop me from liking it so much. As our teachers introduced us to trigonometry I started to dislike math and I lost my confidence in myself. Even after that I worked very hard to keep my grades up. I started to dislike math more when I had to take pre-calculus in college and I did miserable in that class because I could not memorize all the formulas and understand the graphs, everything just overwhelmed me. I did so bad in that class that at the end I planned to drop that class. After that I did not take any math class for about two semesters.

    • Yarinett Mazara says:

      I relate to you with liking math ever since we were young. I also had complications when I started high school because you do have to deal with trigonometry and it gets harder. In that part you do have to study a lot. Math is not just about numbers but also logic and it is important to be able to reason when solving specific math problems.

    • Rubina Aktar says:

      Hey. I remember when I was in high school trig use to confuse me so much that I sort of gave up on it. But when I took it in college I was able to much better on. Math is challenging I agree.

  10. Shaniece Pollard says:

    Topic 1 I love math basically my whole life. It is always fun to learn. It always came so easy to me and very interesting to learn. My favorite math class was when I was a freshman in high school. I took Algebra and I just love that class. My teacher was one of the greatest math teachers ever. She motivated me to the best of my abilities in math. Math class is just one class I can enjoy is just comes natural to me.

    • odh202 says:

      “It is always fun to learn.” Not always! Ha.

      But I appreciate what you’re saying. I like the practice involved in learning a skill.

      – Omar

  11. Clark Monzon says:

    Topic 1, math is not my favorite subject but I know that it is important for us to know it because it deals with our daily life. The reason I don’t like math because its too complex. For example, algebra, where your learn how to solve equations and inequalities and after that segment you’ll have to incorporate what you learned in algebra to trigonometry. Its just too much information to consume in my opinion. I don’t have a problem solving the problems. But I just don’t understood why we have to learn it and how I can apply it to my life. One of my weakness in math and the reason why math is not my favorite subject is word problems. It has always been a problem with me since I was a kid. I remember when I had to do homework’s and there were word problems I would always leave it last or worst end up not doing it. I think the reason is English is not my first language and reading a paragraph that later on I have to solve can be intimidating and overwhelming.

  12. Yarinett Mazara says:

    Ever since I was in Junior High School I knew math was my favorite subject. I was disappointed that in getting my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management I only had two math classes to take Statistics being the second. What I love about mathematics the most is when I look at a problem before I even start to write on paper I can already solve the whole problem in my head. For me it is straight forward for example 2+2=4 and is always going to be 4. I enjoy working with numbers and Science has never been my expertise.
    For my Master’s degree which I plan in taking next year I hope to have more opportunities of taking mathematics. Mean while I look foward into learning as much as I can in this class. In my understanding Statistics is not just about numbers but also logic. There is not one thing I don’t like about Math. It is and will always be my favorite subject.

  13. Usmaan Qureshi says:

    Hey, I am responding to the first topic. Growing up, math has always been an easy subject for me. I had great teachers in High School that made math fun. The reason why I like math is because it is straight forward and also there is only one right answer. I like working with formulas and messing around with numbers. I like the fact that in math when you get your final answer, you can work backwards and see if you are correct. Subjects such as English or Science you cannot do that. I am actually looking into becoming a math teacher.

  14. tchoedon says:

    i choose topic #1

    When i was in elementary school i use to love solving problems then i didn’t have to memorize all the formulas but slowly when i reached junior high i started to dislike math because of memorizing formula and when i did understand the formula i always got my answers wrong. i use to try several times but did it not help me at all and it did not click in my head. when ever i used to see my other friends solving problems i used to get jealous. i know thats not a good thing but in someway i was. than i told my mom about it and started taking math tuition now i understand math and can solve problem. i still have some difficult in solving sums but i try until i get my answers right.
    i know math is everywhere it does not leave us. but for me it is so hard to do math that i feel lazy and leave it to someone else to do it.

    • Lindsey Gershberg


      I feel the same way. When we were little, we just had to worry about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Now, it is much more complicated and confusing. I’d rather just have my calculator do all the work for me, instead of me doing step by step. If I never have to put myself in a situation where I am involved with more complex Math than adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing I will not be happy!

    • hrodriguez3 says:

      I can definitely agree with you about the junior high school part, because

      • hrodriguez3 says:

        I am sorry about that ! 🙂
        Anyways i understand your point and that is also when I feel teachers started to complicate math more than it was. It actually does make you lazy but it is a good challenge to overpass in school and you actually learn for a few different life scenarios. And that is great to know that you don’t give up and try until you know you have reached the right answers!

  15. Diana Guaman
    Topic #1

    when I was in junior high school i use to dislike math because I thought it was a challenging subject. Math was difficult to me and I always had difficulties working with fractions and percentages. Also, my test scores were low and I couldn’t increase my average in that subject. However, when I started my freshman year in high school math turn out to be easy and fun. Math became one of my favorite subjects and my exam scores were finally high. Furthermore, I found algebra and geometry easy and i use to enjoy working with fractions and solving equations. One of the reasons I use to have hard times with math in the past was because my professor didn’t know how to explain good and she use to be absent all the times. As time went on everything change because in high school I had good math professors and they actually knew how to explain clearly step by step. Since that time I like math and I think math is very useful in our daily life. Also, I consider math important because my major requires math and I really have to be able to deal with numbers.

    • honeypinz says:

      I agree with you 100%! I had the same exact experience, just a little later. We just need that one person to wake us up and actually help us in fully taking the meaning of the subject. We think that why may we need this in life, but eventually all this teaching will help us one day, especially statistics!

  16. rosanna haripersaud says:

    I choose number one.
    Math was never my favorite subject until i started high school. I was in a engineering program and my engineering teacher was my math teacher for all three years. I think the reason i started likeing math because he made it fun and easy and it had a lot to do with engineering and having the same teacher for so long he knew what we understood and didnt so he made extra time to tutor us and help us understand. However when i started college everything changed!! i had professors who just did everything on powerpoint which i hate because i feel that math is suppose to be written out and explained step by step and then there were thoes professors with the accents which was really hard to understand.i already took math 1175, 1275 and precalculus out of thoes three i found 1275 to be easier then all and the hardest & most complicated math i took was precal i just think it was hard because our professor was lazy and he just would not explain anything or reply to emails he would just tell us to read the book. on the other hand so far in statistics iam understanding mostly everything and i was recomended to you that you was a good professor and i like your energy because it reminds me of my high school teacher it motivates more to pay attention and learn class. so maybe after this summer class i would begin to like math again.

  17. edmundo says:

    Although math was never my favorite subject, neither did I dislike it. I always found math simple and easy to understand. I was good at remembering formulas and steps to solving problems. The only time math became difficult and I began to hate it was when I got introduced to calculus in high school and later in college. After barely passing calculus, math became once again easy for me. My major requires a lot of math, so it is important that I understand it very well.

  18. honeypinz says:

    Honey Pinzon
    Topic #1

    Mathematics has always been my worst and hardest subject, all throughout elementary school and high school. For some reason, even if I tried I would never be able to fully understand it. It never failed that I had to ask someone for help, it was either my friends, family or professors. I would have to be told how to do it more than once. Since I knew what was coming, I got lazy to even learn about it or I would be completely uninterested. Number, fractions, x’s, this equals that, and formulas, scared me. If I saw it I would blank out and not take my time in slowing down and focusing on what to do. Another issue I had I never really had a teacher that would take their time in explaining and help students so much until I started City Tech. In City Tech, for my 1180 class, I finally had a professor who would teach according to how we wanted to learn and would repeat something to you no matter how many times you needed it. I actually was interested on what I was doing and even pay more attention, which is occurring in this course as well. With practice, and patience, and asking more questions, math is a lot more interesting.

  19. Manika Nestor says:

    I choose #2
    My view on math changed three semesters ago and ever since than its been really good. Ever since i was kid i would always remember my self being a superior reader and math and i never clicked. I went through my whole high school career just doing the bare minimum and it wasn’t until my senior i realized how little i knew about math. When i came to city tech i was in a remedial math class two times before i passed it the third time. It wasnt until my third time that i realized the reason i hated math so much is because i never met a teacher with such a passion for it. In my many years of being in school did I meet a teacher or professor that ever encouraged me to see math in a different light. Math began to become and experience in which i could learn lost of new things.

  20. Manika Nestor says:

    I choose #2
    My view on math changed three semesters ago and ever since than its been really good. Ever since i was kid i would always remember my self being a superior reader and math and i never clicked. I went through my whole high school career just doing the bare minimum and it wasn’t until my senior year i realized how little i knew about math. When i came to city tech i was in a remedial math class two times before i passed it the third time. It wasn’t until my third time that i realized the reason i hated math so much is because i never met a teacher with such a passion for it. In my many years of being in school did I meet a teacher or professor that ever encouraged me to see math in a different light. Math began to become and experience in which i could learn lost of new things. It opened my eyes to see that though life doesn’t give u definite answers in mathematics your are sure to find one. Math and I are not Ying and Yang but no its more of a love hate relationship. Statics is my last math class i may ever need but I’m glad that i finally gave it a chance.

  21. Lindsey Gershberg

    Topic #1

    Math was always my least favorite subject. I am not a numbers person, also I am not a big fan of formulas. I find it difficult to memorize and understand multiple multiple-step formulas for one problem. When I was in Elementary, Middle and even High School I always had issues with Math. I barely got by in any of my Math classes. I find it too complex for my taste. I have also had horrible Math teachers in the past, that absolutely did not teach me how to compute a problem from that class in the right way, and would be clueless when I asked questions. I do not like sequences, and crazy formulas.
    If Stats wasn’t required for Hospitality Management, I definitely would not take it at all. Although you are a good professor and keep us engaged. All of the formulas are confusing as to which to use for each problem.

  22. ehuffman113 says:

    Second Topic:

    There was a definite point in my teenage years when I decided I was not going to pursue math any more: my junior year of high school. Though I had loved math from elementary school arithmetic through algebra, geometry and trig, the good times with math were over for me by the middle of fall semester.

    I was taking precalculus and planning to take AP calculus the following year. My precalc teacher was a brilliant woman with a Ph.D in mathematics. Unfortunately, she was not a very good communicator in the classroom. I was constantly getting lost in the details of one problem or another. I could not learn from her, even though she knew the subject inside and out.

    Outside of class, she offered me extra help and encouraged me to keep trying, but it wasn’t working. I just couldn’t get it, though none of the other kids in the class seemed to have any problems with it. So I decided it was me that was the problem. I stopped believing I could do advanced math.

    I developed a real math phobia over the course of a few weeks. I transferred from precalc to an easier math class that year and gave up the plan of doing AP calculus. I never did much with math after that. Then last year I decided I wanted to go to nursing school, which meant taking a math prerequisite. Since I hadn’t focused on math in years, I took a week-long intensive algebra prep class during which I realized how much I missed doing math problems. I took 1275 last fall with an excellent teacher and liked it so much I was sorry when the semester ended. In all the years I had avoided math, I believed I had lost my abilities, but in returning to it I, I had evidence to the contrary. And I regained some of the confidence I thought I had lost years ago. I’ve always known that learning math required hard work, but now I know having faith in your capabilities is a major, too.

  23. hrodriguez3 says:

    1. As a child I loved math and the challenges it presented. I would get very good grades in math and actually pretty much excelled with the math courses I have taken in college as well. I think in math many people can be good but it also has a lot to do with the person teaching it to you and the enthusiasm such person can give you. Math is not like reading or writing and that is what makes it slightly harder because if you have one , only one number wrong, your whole equation gets messed up. And you come up with a wrong answer. This is why math can be so challenging. In high school I did have many teachers who complicated math and actually made me dislike math for that particular time. However, in college I had really good professors who demonstrated that I could excel in math and actually enjoy it like I did and still do! =)
    However, I would not major in math being that I love the career of law I am following.

  24. odh202 says:

    Hi. Omar here.

    I haven’t taken a pure math course in a long time. Statistics isn’t purely mathematics, but also part social science – right? I have decent skills when it comes to basic algebra. I don’t have much of an opinion about math at all. I hated it when I was a kid, but that probably had more to do with the structure, practice and discipline it required, as well as my teachers. Last semester I took physics and found myself solving more equations than I’ve done in years. I would try to think of the problems as puzzles and sometimes I found myself enjoying them.

  25. Lisa Gocool says:

    Question #1.
    Math has always been my favorite subject ever since I was in the first grade. I have always excelled in math verses my other subjects. I believe I gravitated more to math during elementary school because I had a hard time in english. Therefore, i put more effort into the subject I was already naturally doing well in. I realized my capabilities in math when I was in high school and I took my math A and B regents and I scored the highest in my class. I enjoy everything about math, from the formulas to structure of solving for X. Another time that I can remember enjoying math even more was when I started college and I was in A Respiratory Therapy program which goes in depth with the human anatomy. However math was also a huge part of this program which I excelled in. There was never a time that I did not enjoy math, this is when I am always egger to learn new things in mathematics.

  26. Rubina Aktar says:

    Hello my name is Rubina Aktar and I will be responding to question one.

    Math was my favorite subject one point in my life when I was in high school. I really did not like math when I was in high school and was more into history. However, my last year of high school as a senior I had an awesome statistics teacher. I found that it was different from other math classes that I previously taken. At one point I wanted to become an actuary because of my teacher. I liked that it was more about collecting data and analyzing. It was the only math class that I actually had a very good grade.

    However, I did not pursue math when I entered college. I felt that I was more into anatomy and physiology and was fascinated on how our body worked. I am a nursing student. I took 1275 and enjoyed the class and hopefully I will enjoy this class as I once did in high school.

  27. uddinz says:

    zely uddin
    1. Math is my favorite subject because it always has questions and you got to find out how to solve it. Math became my most favorite subject when I started high school. I understand better when teachers do examples on the board I can see exactly what is going on. It makes it simple and easy for me to understand. My last semester math professor says practices make it easier I will try to do more practices.

  28. Estefania says:

    Estefania Lopez
    Topic #1

    From very young I found math very interesting; Its always been one of my favorite subjects. What i like about math is that to every problem there’s an answer. I like going through the process of figuring out an answer, when its a hard problem and its complicated to answer I feel happy if I answer it correct. Math definitively got harder and harder as I continued high school and then I took Mat 1275 in this school and it wasn’t so hard because it was math I did in high school. I’m definitively looking forward to learn much more in this class.

  29. My teacher in high school was the best in math and she always kept me interested and motivated in the subject. When I entered college it was nothing what i expected. My Professor was very old and she never wanted to teach the class and she would always come in late. the worst thing was that two weeks before the semester was over she stopped coming and never prepared us as a class for the department final. I had to study a semester worth of notes through a textbook that i didn’t understand. Overall i passed the final and from that moment on i had a new approach for math which is that
    Math has been one of my favorite subjects if the person teaching it is really good at it.

  30. Zahara Varela says:

    I have never been good in math which I believe to be the reason why I do not like it. Trying to solve equations and not getting the right answer was always frustrating for me. However last semester my opinion about math changed from bad to good, the professor was excellent. The first day I was already terrified that I would have to repeat the class, this was not the case. The professor explained everything thoroughly and clearly. He kept the class interesting. Surprisingly being in there for three and a half hours was not that hard. In the end I learned a lot, not only did I do well in the class but I believe that after years of math the things he taught will actually stay with me.

  31. Marie Charles says:

    Math was never my favorite subject. I always did have a hard time understanding the material, no matter what the topic was. The only subject that i liked was basic algebra because it seemed to be the easiest thing to understand. I would always “zone out” when it came to math class. As i got older i realized that math very important in every aspect, and learning the importance of it allowed me to actually want to learn it. I was always jealous of people who just knew how to answer math problems in there head or always seemed to be good with numbers(which seemed like everyone but me). It made me feel motivated to be better. Now I appreciate math a lot more than back in the days. I would love to excel at math, I didnt care back then whether I did or not but now I do. Something about having great math skills just makes you feel “smarter”.

  32. Gaelle Ciceron says:

    Hi my name is Gaelle Ciceron. Math was always my favorite subject. It is still my favorite subject. The reason I like math is because most of the times there is only one answer. I don’t like when the answers for questions vary. I haven’t attended a math class in a long time. Even though I’ve been to statistic only 3 times I realized that my passion for math hasn’t changed.

  33. cyril says:

    Hi my name is Cyril Odame-Adjei when I was younger i liked math and was good at it, then came the 5th grade of middle school and my hate of math began. In 5th grade my class had a math teacher that made more than half the class hate math with a passion. It wasnt so much the work she assinged as the way she treated as and tried to get as to learn through humilitan like calling up a group of students to explain concepts we had no idea of and then punishing as when we got it wrong. During that year math becam something to be avoided and since then math for me has been something to avoid for me.

  34. hiutungchung says:

    hiutungchung says:

    June 5, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    Math is one of my favorite subject in High School. I like to solve those “X” problems and proofing two shape are simliar to each other or the same with each other(I forgot what the topic called). I think these questions are really fun to work on it. Everytime I saw those questions, I can finish quickly. I like to help my friends when they did not know how to solve the questions.

    However, English is not my first language. Sometime I will feel confus and getting lost when I read the “word” problems. Or sometime it is easy for me to mix up what the question actually ask about or misunderstanding the quesions. I lost confident when I saw word problems. I hope I can be easily read all the word problems in your class and do not misunderstand them!

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