OpenLab Assignment #5: Advice for the future

Assignment (due Monday, July 2nd).  Imagine that you are invited to speak on the first day of MAT 1272, to give advice to entering students.  Write a paragraph responding to one of the following, describing what you would tell them.

  1. What do you wish that you had been told at the start of this class, to help you succeed?
  2. Choose one topic in the course that is especially challenging. Identify it, and give advice to students trying to master that topic.
  3. What is the most important prior knowledge (not taught in the class) that you need in order to succeed?  Why is it important?
  4. Would you recommend taking the class in the summertime?  Why or why not?

Extra Credit.  Respond to someone else’s comment.  Do you agree? disagree? Have anything to add?

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38 Responses to OpenLab Assignment #5: Advice for the future

  1. Omar Husain says:

    1. I think it’s most important to do all of the WileyPlus assignments before the exam.

    2. I’m having a hard time deciphering the null and alternative hypotheses relating to the chi-square problems in WileyPlus. I don’t have any advice for this as I’m still trying to figure it out. In general I look for patterns (where are the problems different and where are they the same?). I’ll ask in class.

    3. I think the most important prior knowledge involved in this class is knowing the importance of practicing a little bit everyday. If you solve two problems on your own at home everyday you’ll know the material. Don’t cram.

    4. I’d recommend taking this class during the summer, unless you have a particular interest in statistics. A lot of this depends on the professor too.

    • ehuffman113 says:

      I agree with Omar. It’s definitely important to do a little work every day, rather than try to do a lot in one sitting. That way you are likelier to remember the material long-term, too.

    • Estefania says:

      I also think its good to do the Wiley Plus assignments before the test because it helps you get prepared. I also find the Wiley plus assignments more difficult than the test so I’m not so stressed when i take the tests.

  2. yarinett says:

    I would recommend taking this class in the summer time because there is a lot of work to remember and it is better to be focus in this class by itself rather than taking it with others. Also it is three days a week your brain is refreshed and you can remember the topics for the tests. Statistics is a class that requires a lot of studying and attention too so it is better to take alone than for example along with biology or macroeconomics.

    • Omar Husain says:


      Good point. Yes I think taking only one course is a big advantage to the summer terms. The class is condensed, but in a way it’s easier to take the tests right after learning the material in class. There’s no time to slack off, but at the same time you can take the tests while the material is fresh in your mind.

  3. 1. I wish someone would of told me that to work hard on exams and always be prepared.
    2.what was challenging was Day2 which was about mean median etc. I though this topic was hard and if something is hard to understand just keep practiceing the problem to u get it right.
    3.the most important thing to me is practice and learning from your mistakes
    4.I recommend everyone to take thisclass in the summer because you will learn the material better and it will b less stress.

    • Gaelle A. Ciceron says:

      I agree with you taking this class in the summer is less stressful. It also helps the person better understand the class when taking it alone.

  4. Gaelle A. Ciceron says:

    I feel like nothing that anybody would’ve told me would help me succeed because your teaching methods are great. i really enjoy math so all the topics were equal to me in what they tested. The only thing is I had to do a lot of practice when doing the population distribution. The most important prior knowledge that is needed is basic algebra. Once a person can master basic algebra they can succeed because a lot of these topics require things like adding, subtracting, square root, mean, median, and mode. I would recommend taking this class in the summer because it is doable for someone who is focus and for someone who has problems with math it maybe easier to take one class at a time and it helps that way.

    • I agree with you that the professor has great teaching methods and that basic algebra is important to understand in this class and that we both agree that taking this class in the summer will help you focus and understand the work.

    • Marie Charles says:

      Yea that is totally, true only basic algebra was needed in this course, there was nothing learned that I would say was too intense. Also, the professor’s great teaching method definitely contributed to a better understanding of the material.

  5. 1) I wish someone would have told me that all Open lab assignments are important.
    2) Day 10 was most challenging for me because I had trouble stating the null and alternative Hypotheses. However, the other topics were interesting and I had no problem doing the Wiley Plus assignments.
    3) The most important prior knowledge in this class is to know the basic math because statistics require a lot of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For example calculating the mean.
    4) I recommend taking this class in the summer because is less stressful and you don’t have to worried about other classes. Also, taking one class at a time helps you get a high grade and do successful.

  6. edmundo says:

    1. This course is simple and taught by the prof. very clearly so you shouldn’t have much trouble succeeding in the class. But, if you have trouble, then you should do your homework on time and some practice problems too. And ask for help.
    2. The last few topics were a bit challenging because the methods are almost all similar. By reviewing the problems we practiced and the key words for each topic, then you should master those topics.
    3. The most important prior knowledge is knowing math. If you are good with numbers and formulas, then you shouldn’t have any trouble in this class.
    4. I recommend taking this class in the summer if you are not taking any other courses. Its less stressful and I feel in one month I can remember everything for the finals then in four months.

    • tchoedon says:

      i agree with you that we got a very good professor for our statistic class. i totally understand what he is saying and the way he explains is much more easier to understand the problems that we don’t get it. even if we don’t know any problem and having trouble solving it please do not hesitate in asking for help.

      • Having a steady foundation is key. Math is a continuous subject, whether we like it or not we have to remember it and practice so we don’t forget it.

        It is always a benefit to know who your professors are before taking their course and yes we were fortunate enough to have a professor who actually cares whether or not his students learn and takes the time out to really reach them with the material.

        • Nicole etienne gillis says:

          I agree with the both of you knowing your professor before hand but even though we didn’t get that chance we are lucky enough to. Have one that truly cares about our passing .

  7. ehuffman113 says:

    1. There is a lot of material and formulas to learn and practice. You may need extra help learning it, so identify people who can help you early on. In addition to the professor and your classmates, there are tutors at the learning center. But not all of the math tutors can help with statistics, so know which ones can and when they are there. If you can’t go to the Learning Center, you might check out an online resource which has videos explaining many math and statistics topics. (Be forewarned, these videos are not as stimulating as as being in an actual class!)
    2. I found Homogeneity and Independence to be challenging because there are so many calculations to do. I would advise setting up all your (O-E) squared equations first, then doing all the calculations one after the other. I found I made fewer errors this way.
    3. It definitely helps to have your squares and square roots 1-20 memorized so that you won’t depend on the calculator so much.
    4. Taking the course in the summer has the advantage of becoming familiar with a semester’s worth of material in a shorter time, but if you need a while for new material to sink in, you might do better taking it over the course of a full semester.

  8. tchoedon says:

    1) I was told to work hard and practice the problems several time until you get it right and if not ask my peer.
    2) for me the binomial distribution was challenging to me because when solving the problems the decimal points are so long that sometimes i tend to miss or type the numbers wrong.
    4) I would strongly recommend to other student to take this class during summer because it has advantage of covering less material in a shorter time. if you feel like you can not cover the material than its better to take it during longer semester so you will get enough time to practice and understand the problems better. Furthermore, during summer its only a month long so it is much easier to remember all the material until finals comes.

  9. Rose-Mick September
    Overall, I was pretty prepared when I came into the class, I knew what to expect and not to expect. I knew statistic wouldn’t be easy but if I apply myself it also wouldn’t be so hard, also I got the list from the math department regarding who all the summer professors were and selected the one who could help me the best. I think as long as a person doesn’t step into any situation blind and and knows what to expect from this course and their professor they will be just fine. I would recommend taking statistic in the summer because it is easier to understand and grasp the topic when thats the only class you focus on, compared to fall/spring semester when one is taking at least 4 other courses.
    Not particular a topic learned in the class, but as the class approaches its end, it becomes harder to retain all the information learned, especially for the final. My advice to future student is that it is important to keep up with the work from day one, no matter how much we think we can back track and multi-task, playing catch-up is never easy.

    Choose one topic in the course that is especially challenging. Identify it, and give advice to students trying to master that topic.

  10. Estefania says:

    1. I think i came into this class well prepared and knew what to expect because i attempted to complete the course last semester but didn’t put enough effort into it.
    2. The topic that was challenging for me was the hypothesis testing because i was easily confused on what tail the problem was referring to.
    3. The most important prior knowledge needed for this class is that practice makes you better, with all the examples given to is I was able to practice and solve the most difficult problems.
    4. I do recommend taking this class in the summer, the information is easily kept in your head because the class is 3 times a week instead of once or twice a week.

  11. Clark Monzon says:

    My advice for new students taking statistics is to make sure you have professor Reitz. If you don’t, might as well drop the class. He teaches you to solve the problem in the simple and straight forward way. Furthermore, he makes the problems less intimidating to approach. What I would wish to have been told before the start of the class is the ability to understand the questions and what formula you should use to solve the problem. The topic I find challenging is the hypothesis test, only because the problems are long and takes steps by steps to solve it. There is no easy short cut to find the answer. The most important knowledge that you need in order to succeed in this class is practice. Keep practicing those tough problems and the more you work on it the less of fear you will have about that specific problem you have troubled with. I would recommend taking this class on the summertime because it’s quick and you don’t have other classes to deal with. For a short period of time and the ability to learn the fundamentals of statistics, it’s worth taking this class on the summer. The only down side of it, the class is intense.

    • isak says:

      I agree with Clark Monzon, professor Reitz it’s a great professor, that he takes his time, with everyone , so they will understand the topic, or explaining the problem. So when registering, you better take him, even though its the summer it is intense he still make its fun, and time fly’s, so you wont notice, how the last day comes.

    • rokshana parvin says:

      yes that is so true he explain everything in a way that it is impossible for anyone to not to understand. Also he makes the class more enjoyable which helps in concentration because in the beginning I thought this class will be hell for me as I was told by many students when I asked them about their experiance taking statistic in the summer.

  12. isak says:

    1. My advice starting this class, is to always to practice, that everyday, but at least 2 problems for each topic, also it is very helpful to do the Wileyplus assignment, before exam it helps to review. When preparing for exam, i do some wileyplus hw, and then review sheet it helps.
    2. The challenging part will be in the end with hypotheses, because you have to pay attention to the words very carefully, and in other problems you also have to do it. Read the problem, and when you got the answer, try to read the stated question again, to make sure you satisfied it.
    3. I think the most important is to not give up, when you got the answer wrong on wileyplus assignment or other things, even though it is frustrating. Keep trying on your own to figure your own mistake, rather then right away contacting professor, or asking the answer. You will learn better like, that when seeing your own mistakes, and plus finding it solution, even thought it will take some time and patient, but in the end it will pay off!!!.
    4. I recommend everyone taking this course in summer, because it is not much information you learning in one day, it might seem, but after all if you keep practicing and not even spending that much time studying, and most important be on track with the class, you will succeed.

  13. rokshana parvin says:

    4. I would reccomand this class in the summer for the ones who is willing to work hard and do their best. Also I think it is much easier in the summer because you only focus on one class and instead of four or five classes like you do in the fall or spring session. Since there are lots of metarials to cover in a very short time it will be a good choice to take it in the summer so you only concentrate on only one class and there is no other classes to stress out for.

  14. Rubina Aktar says:

    I would recommend taking this class in the summer because you do not have time to forget anything unlike a fall or winter semester you might forget what you learned the first month of class. You are introduced to new topics at a faster pace and not spend so much time on a single topic since the semester is very short. I like to grasp things quickly and move along and learn something new.

    • Henny Rodriguez says:

      I definitely agree with you and yes with ther classes on top of this one you won’t exactly memorize as easy as if you take this class alone, all the topics you learn in statistics. This class requires a lot of remembering which formulas belong to which word problems, and that is why it’s better to take it alone or with another class but not with a full time schedule. It’s better this way for the student.

    • Usmaan says:

      I agree with you 100%! Since the semester is shorter it makes it easier to remember the different topics we covered.

  15. Honey Pinzon says:

    1. I honestly think I came prepared into this class. I knew what was coming and what to expect. I knew it involved a lot of numbers and especially a lot of concentration so that we may be able to understand.
    2. The topic that was most challenging for me was the last few topics, for example the null hypothesis and seeing if the problem is right or left tailed. It was a challenging for me but practice makes perfect, and always let the Wiley Plus assignments guide and help you. Talking with the professor, I think is considered the best thing to do. He takes his time to explain and help you.
    3. The prior knowledge needed for this class is to make sure you dedicate yourself in paying attention and practice, if not you will be lost. Always ask for help if needed.
    4. I think this class is better to take it in the summer class, the course is taught faster but one also just focuses on that class , and has no other subjects distracting it.

  16. Nicole etienne gillis says:

    The most challenging part of this class is hypothesis null I just can’t get it I believe its because of my lack of word problem recognition. The advice I would have for someone entering this class would be get tutoring before you start the class and make sure you don’t miss not 1 class because you would be lost . What I do have to say that is positive is that do take MR.Reitz class because he is a great professor and he does break down everything for you to know. Summer classes is the best time to take such a difficult class evern though its jammed you will succeed and pass .

  17. Henny Rodriguez says:

    I would definitely recommend taking this class for the summer because you learn a lot in so little time but get over with it as well. It is really challenging to take during the summer though because of all the work being out in the little time you have for any summer class. However, it beats taking it for 4 whole months and having the stress of having it on top of your other classes. If you’re a good mathematician or a really fast learner please take for the summer. If it takes you a little more time than the average person to suck in information then I can’t lie and you should take it in the fall so you can have more time and go to tutoring, if it’s required for you or the subject is not understandable at all to you.

  18. Marie Charles says:

    In my opinion taking this course in the summer is highly recommended. We did have to cover a lot of material in a short amount of time, but the fast pace of the course is better when its the only focus as opposed to taking it with 3 other classes.I think I would not have done as well had I taken it within the fall or spring semester being that I would probably be overwhelmed with the work for this class and my other courses. If you make sure to not miss anything, ask a lot of questions to help understand it better and do all the assignments, then you shall do well in the course, Being that it would most likely be a person’s single class during the summer, this would motivate a person to do better in achieving a high score.

  19. Usmaan says:

    In order to succeed in this class I believe you need to know basic math skills such ass adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Also how to deal with fractions and and decimals. I believe if you know how to mess around with numbers you have the upper hand in this course. Also

    • Usmaan says:

      if you have good studying habits, take excellent notes and follow directions you will succeed in this class.

  20. Shaniece Pollard says:

    1. I think making sure you do the reviews sheets before the class because it really help you when it comes to test.
    2. Hypothesis test is the most challenging to me. You have to read the question probably and make sure which graph you have to use.
    3. my prior knowledge is to always make sure you study and review everything you learn. it is imporant to always study what you learn.
    4. Yes i reccomend taking this class in the summer because statistics is not an easy course and you get to focus on one subject so you can do your best.

  21. lisa gocool says:

    I would recommend taking this class in the summer to anyone who is able to grasp math concepts easliy. Also because the work is condenced into a shorter time frame there isn’t alot of time to forget the material. I would definately take another math course in the summer because I enjoy only having to focus on one class at a time. However, math is not one of your better subjects then I think you would be setting yourself up for failure.

  22. Lindsey says:

    I wish I was told, that it is extremely difficult to learn a semester’s worth of Statistics in 15 days.

    Hypothesis Testing is my worst enemy! Whoever is taking Statistics and learning this subject, you definitely can’t miss a day or you will fall behind and not understand it at all.

    To study and work hard to reach your goals, and have knowledge of what the subject is. Reach for the stars! It is important to know how to succeed because you will fail otherwise.

    Yes I would recommend it because it goes by fast, and doesn’t drag.

  23. cyril says:

    At the start of this semester I wish I had been told just how many formulas I would have to learn for statistics. I particularly had problems with standard deviation even though I knew how to solve standard deviation problems my answers never seemed to come out correct. However I believe the most important knowledge needed for statistics is patience the student needs to be patient to learn all the different formulas and be able to differentiate between problems. In all I would recommend taking this class as well as taking it in the summer for the intensity and concentration of the course.

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