OpenLab Assignment #3: Math in your future?

Most people go to college because they are trying to build a better future for themselves.  What job do you hope to get after college?  Imagine you have completed your college degree, and your education and experience have allowed you to obtain the job that you want.

With this job in mind, consider the following list of activities.  Which of them are you most likely to be asked to do as part of your new job?  Put them in order from most likely to least likely.  If you are uncertain, make your best guess based on your current knowledge and experience.

List of activities:

  1. Use a formula (correctly identify values, substitute them into the formula, and simplify the result to get an answer).
  2. Learn to use a computer system that is unfamiliar to you, and then complete a task on that system.
  3. Brainstorm a variety of responses to a problem and decide among several solutions, each of which has plusses and minuses.
  4. Make a decision based on data (for example: a list of responses to a survey, a list of numbers, a table, or chart)
  5. Calculate the mean or standard deviation.
  6. Complete an assignment with a team of several people, including: finding a time and place to meet, dividing responsibilities, making sure everyone is completing their part, delivering the final product on time.

Assignment (due midnight, Wednesday, June 20):

Respond to the above activity by leaving a comment in response to this post.  Your comment should include all of the following:

  1. What is your major?  What job are you hoping to get after graduation?
  2. From the list of activities above, give your ranking in order from “most likely to be required on your new job” to “least likely” (you can just list the numbers in order, you do not have to type the description, like this:  “My ranking is:  5, 2, 3, 4, 1, 6”).
  3. Discuss the first item or two on your list.  Do you think that this class will help prepare you to complete that task?  If so, how?  If not, what could be done in this class to help prepare you for that task?
  4. Discuss the last item or two on your list.  Do you think it is important to learn (even if you are not likely to use it at your job)?  Why or why not?

Extra Credit.  Comment on  someone else’s post.   Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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43 Responses to OpenLab Assignment #3: Math in your future?

  1. Omar Husain says:

    I’m a non-degree student. I’m taking this course as a pre-req so I can get into a physical therapy DPT program.

    My list, from “most likely” to “least likely”: 3, 6, 4, 2, 5, 1

    The most important item I chose, given my desire to become a physical therapist is “Brainstorm a variety of responses to a problem and decide among several solutions, each of which has plusses and minuses.” I’ll need to evaluate a client based on his/her injury, physical abilities and personality. I think this course may help because it requires me to analyze problems. I have to look at a problem, identify the issues involved and decide what the appropriate statistical method is for solving the problem. There may be many ways to solve the problems we’ve discussed, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to get bogged down while we’re learning the fundamentals. I do notice some connections while doing the homework. For example, I noticed that I could roughly predict probabilities in a binomial distribution when I knew the mean and standard deviation (in a normal distribution).

    I don’t know that I’ll be using mathematical formulas very much as a PT. I’ll need to measure the angles of joints and maybe the amount of weight/degree of motion that should be sustained, which is physics. I would need to customize an exercise based on this information. I think it’s very important to learn how to use formulas and identify values properly. Anyone who follows current events is constantly being bombarded with statistics. Knowing how data is manipulated is essential to interpreting the statistics we see all time. Anyone who follows politics, for example, is bombarded with statistics.

  2. 1. Hi, my major at CityTech is nursing. After graduation I hope to get a job as a postpartum nurse/ newborn nursery RN.
    2. 2,1,3,4,5,6
    3. As a nurse in the hospital I will have to learn how to document assessments and progress notes through an unfamiliar system on the computer. I don’t think that this class is going to help me use an unfamiliar computer system. If this statistics class were taught with computers in the classroom then maybe it would be useful to this situation. As a nurse we administer meds that the MD or NP prescribes. Working with newborns requires that you triple check the dosage because medications prescribed to children are based on weight. There are some formulas using kilograms that nurses working with children need to know. So, in this case yes, statistics comes in handy.
    4. I feel that all of the tasks somehow relate to nursing. No. 6 is important to learn because as nurses we have to learn how to work with other health care providers such as doctors, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, physical therapists, radiologists and many more. The nurses act as the patient advocate and communicate to these specialists the patients’ needs and concerns. Keeping a professional and respectful relationship with other health care providers helps with the optimal care of the patient.

    • Gaelle A. Ciceron says:

      I agree with you. In order for you to be the best nurse you need to know how to communicate. Even though communication is a big thing I could understand why number 6 is last on your list. It is good that you are prioritizing what can save your patient’s life to what will help you provide better care.

  3. edmundo says:

    My major is Civil Engineering Technology. After graduation, I plan to get any job that my degree can offer me, but something that can offer me promotion to a higher position.

    Most likely to least likely: 1,2,6,3,4,5

    The first two I would most likely use in my career. As an engineer technician, I would assist the chief engineer in designing projects and I would be required to use formulas to calculate the required values that wont cause a failure to the design. Also, designing is about costs, so I need to solve for designs that are least expensive and very effective. I maybe also required to use computer systems unfamiliar to me to make the blueprints of the designs for the project. Or, these computer systems can calculate values with installed formulas in them.

    The last item on my list I’m least likely to use at all. At no time would I be required to calculate the mean or standard deviation. My work will be calculate a specific value, and not an average number from a group of numbers.

  4. isak says:

    My major is Accounting. After graduation i am planing to open my own firm or work in any other top firms.

    My ranking is: 1,2,3,4,5,6

    As the first two items on my list, I am sure will be using in my career. Using formula to calculate if the business is on track, to calculate their profit margin, their quick acid, and more, so before thinking to buy the business or recommending it, you will know if it is worth to put in the money. The second item is computer system, of course i need to use it this field of filing out data, organizing the business, and all other stuff.

    The last two items on my list is Calculating the mean or standard deviation and complete assignment with a team of several people, group work. In my field a probably might once in a while be using he mean or standard deviation of calculating the population of people using a particular item or something else in order to see how much they spend, or when going to interview use it as attention gather, that you know more stuff out of major. In accounting usually you don’t work in teams, but it wont hurt you if you learn how take more responsibility as a group, being on time with project, shows your leadership skills, and people never like when you delaying stuff it shows your are irresponsibly and don’t care, what you doing. So it is good to learn anything even though it is not required in your major, you never expect what life will give you, and it always good to have something else besides your major under your wing.

  5. ehuffman113 says:

    1. My major is Nursing. I would like to be employed in the public health field, but first I will have to gain “Med-Surg” experience working on a hospital ward.
    2. 1,3,4,2,6,5.
    3. I expect to be using a formula on a daily basis to calculate medication dosages for patients. Also, more hospitals are using computerized medical records, so I would expect to learn that hospital’s system to look up a patient’s records or to enter my notes.
    4. Teamwork is key in patient care, but I don’t know how likely it would be to carry out patient care assignments with a group of other people. It’s more likely that individual tasks would be delegated to one person, and the group as such would come together at a shift-change conference. There are possibilities for collaborative tasks, even if most of the work is assigned to and carried out by just one person or another.

    If I am ever doing any kind of research for publication, it is very likely that I would be analyzing data by calculating the mean or standard deviation from raw data. Hospitals have standards that they must follow. I can imagine this would require recording data on one issue or another (nosocomial infections, for example). A knowledge of statistics would be especially helpful in drawing conclusions or making recommendations.

  6. rokshana parvin says:

    My major is accounting and i’m planning to work in private firms or companies after my graduation.

    My ranking: 1,2,3,4,6,5

    The first 3 things is a definite activities i will have to use throughout my carrer because as an accountant i will have to use formulas to find out about the financial status during the period or whether it will be a good or a bad idea to invest or open up a new bussiness. Also learning the computer system is very important in order to complete my job because as technologies is improving information are put into a system where you can easly access it when you need it. In addition to that it is very crucial to think everything carefully before coming up with a decision. This class will help us in way that we learn to think and collect information for certain things.

    The most likely i will have to use the mean and the standard deviation and usually do not have to work in a team. However it is important to have a good communication skill and you will need to find time to work with your clients.

  7. Shaniece Pollard says:

    1. My major in City Tech is Liberal Arts. I hope to transfer to another college so I can change to economics major. I want to work with a large business and help improve their business. I can make decision to what to sell and buy and recommend the financial planning of that company to help make more money and how to save.
    2. (3,1,4,2,5,6)
    3. For an Economics degree I will have to use all of these questions. In economics you have to look at everyone and money as a whole. I will have study in certain groups. Economics take a lot of thinking on how to make the economy or that business better. First you have to think then do equations which involve a lot of statistics. Then you do have to make a decision based on your results to see what to or not do and see how it will affect the company. Of course with an economics major you will use the mean and standard deviation because that involves your information in your data that you have to calculate. Yes they will be group meeting because many people may have different ideas for that company. We will all come together to see what is best for the company and different data we all found.

    • Yarinett Mazara says:

      I agree with your point as and economists you are probably one of the main career that definately will be using standard deviation. In mine it is not common or at least not my department. Good luck with that.

  8. Shaniece Pollard says:

    4.Yes they are equally important. You have to calculate the mean and standard deviation for your data. Plus you have to work in a group so you put all your information together and combine to see what is best for the company.

  9. Clark Monzon says:

    1. My major is Hospitality Management and I want to work as a line cook after I graduate.

    2. 1,3,4,5,6,2

    3. Activity number one will help me with this class because as a chef you need to know how to gain profit without spending too much money. In addition, the chef needs to know what certain dish is more profitable than the rest on the menu. All of these ties into the Food, Beverage, and Labor cost control. It is important for me to know how to calculate for example, seat turnovers, food cost percentage and average check in order to be a successful chef.

    4. Activity number two is the least on my list because most calculations are done by using EXCEL. I remember when I took accounting I had to use excel for the first time and I didn’t really know what to do. But after a few hours playing around with the program I found it a lot easier to do my calculations by using excel. So, I think if I was given a computer system that is unfamiliar, than I would just take my time to read the instructions first before proceeding to my task.

    • yasminm says:

      Hey Clark!

      As a Hospitality Management major, I understand well why you chose #1 as your first choice. Although I am aiming to work in the hotel side of hospitality, taking the cost control class sure did help me realize how using a formula and learning how to get the correct answer is so valuable. As a future chef, it is to learn how to make your profit and by doing that you need to cost out each itm and you get to the answer by using a formula.

      Good luck on your future endeavors! 🙂

  10. yasminm says:

    1. My major at City Tech is Hospitality Management. After graduation, I am hoping to land a position as a Front Desk agent at a hotel and/or as a Customer Operations Agent at an airline.

    2. My ranking is: 3, 2, 6, 1, 4, 5

    3. My second choise was option 3-Brainstorm a variety of responses to a problem and decide among several solutions, each of which has plusses and minuses. Being that in the hospitality industry there are times that you need to have a plan on what needs to be done to in order to achieve that soultion, I believe that this class helps me to a certain extent. This class helps helps me understand the meaning of brainstorming and coming out with a answer that solves the problem, just like I would have to do in the hospitality industry.

    4. Thelast item on my list was choic 5. I think calculating the mean and standard deviation is the least important task that I need to learn in my future career. Although I chosed choice 5 as my last activity, I do think it is important to learn because whether you realize it or not, you see math everyday, especially statistics. It’s always good to know how to calculate things because you never know when you are going to use it. What if you are in a situation in which your boss needs help calculating the mean of how many rooms where sold in 3 days. You can be the one to help him get the right solution and that will always look good on you.

    • tchoedon says:

      hi! my major is also hospitality and i totally agree on what you have to say. even i chose no. 5 as my last choice. yes, you can always learn different things so that you can use it at you job to impress your senior. and also it will look good in your resume too.

  11. Gaelle A. Ciceron says:

    1. My major is nursing and I am hoping to get a job on the Maternity or Emergency unit in a hospital.
    2. 6,2,4,3,1,5
    3. In the hospital today nurses are using computers to document and to scan patients bands when administering medications. The system they are using are new, but I don’t think that this class is going to help me. The second thing on my list is using a formula and that is very important because as a nurse you need to be able to calculate medication dosages. If an error is made in the calculations the patient is at risk. Even though, statistics don’t use these specific formulas it is important because it teaches us how to use proportions.
    4. As a nurse I will see different people working with my patients and I will have to communicate with them. If I communicate with them it will help me to give optimum care to my patient. I don’t know how the mean and standard deviation is important specifically to my role, but it is most likely important for the hospital itself.

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      A friend just got a job helping hospitals move to all-electronic records (I was surprised to learn that the US is lagging behind some other parts of the world, where all medical records are electronic — many of our hospitals, and even more small doctors’ offices, still use paper-based records). So yes, I think everyone in the medical field will be pushed into new computer systems in the next few decades. Good luck to you!

  12. yellow says:

    1.Hi! my name is baptiste , marlene

    My major is human services when i get my bachelor degree in human services i hope i could work in the hospital or a day program monday through friday. I hope i could work with people who have complex problem. When i work with people , I want them to feel comfortable and very understanding.

    2. My ranking: 6, 2, 5, 1, 4, 3

    3 . I pick 6 because i complete my assignment without any problem, and i do it on time . I know in human services assignment will be complete on time with my team. I know that i going to use level six inorder to complete assignment and be aware what going on with policy and law relating to my field. As human services I know i will be working with people who are different and people who have different point of views.

    4. I pick 2, I am aware that i will be using the computer to complete any problem. For instance , problem as doing my clients field and aware about other agency what services their have available. Sometime i will use the computer to communicate with other members in my field. I am ware that computer is a very important piece of a material. I feel that most of the thing i learn in class i might not use them; however, I learn them because there are important to learn about. I feel that computer is use in the math it is useful in class because by using computer i get the basic knowledge on how to work in computer. I also learn to communicate with student peers on the internet.

  13. yellow says:

    Hi! CLark Monzon
    I am wared that you learned computer from your other class, and I understand you become good by using Excel. Computer is a hard subject because you got to learned about different part and it is not easy to do. I know you will use computer in your major , and I know i be using it too in my field of human services.

  14. tchoedon says:

    1. My Major is Hospitality Management and i’m hoping to get a job at a hotel as a manager in any department.

    2. 2, 6, 3, 4, 1, 5

    3. My second choice is 6 because working in a team and team work makes it company strong. and it goes same to this class where working in team we can find the solution for the problem. Definitely this class will help me solve all the problems that i face in my life. where in hospitality major we have to face all kind of guest so for that we need all the above techniques to resolve the problems and we need to think of a solution right away when in need.

    4. my last pick is no. 5 even though it is important in hospitality employers comes first than guests. for example if any guest complaint we need to find a good excues to calm our guest.

  15. Lisa Gocool says:

    My major is health service administration. I am currently a respiratory therapist and already work in a hospital, with this degree I hope to move up in the management area of my field.

    From most likely to least likely 2,3,4,6,1,5

    Number 2 and 3 will be the most useful to me because as a manager or supervisor everything is computer based. All documents are done and saved on the computer. Also schedules and memos are written on the computer and inventory of supplies is keep on the computer database. Number 3 is the next most likely task I will need to perform because administration is all about solving problems among the department of employes you supervise. In this position you must able to make a decision considering the good and bad outcomes.

    The least likely things I believe I will need to do is number 1 and 5. I don’t think I will need to use formulas on the job besides maybe simple math. Also I don’t believe I will need to provide mean and standard deviation on a regular unless I have to give the employees a test in that case I would want to know.

  16. uddinz says:

    1. My major is accounting. After graduation i am hoping to work with IRS.
    2. 1,2,3,5,4,6
    3. Yes, it will help me prepare to complete the task because as an accountant u have to use the formula, correctly identify the value and get the right result. Also computer system is important that will help me to complete the task and save the information.
    4. I don’t think i have to complete an assignment with a team of several people and making sure everyone is completing their part.

  17. Diana Guaman

    My major is Accounting. After graduation I’m planning to work in any business (firm) and later create my own type of business.

    My list from “most likely” to “least likely” is: 1,2,3,4,6,5

    The first item from my list is important because I might be using in my job. For Example the use of some formulas will help me calculate the company’s profit. Also, will be much easier to prepare the company’s balance sheet, income statements, income tax and more. In addition, the second item from my list is important because the use of a computer system will help me organize and record all transactions from the company and keep other documents in track.

    The last two items from my list is to complete an assignment with several people and calculate the mean and standard deviation. In accounting team work is not necessary required because each person have different responsibilities. People usually work independently and they are responsible to complete their work on time. Furthermore, in accounting I might use the mean or standard deviation, for example calculating the amount of people working in the company and calculating the company’s profit.

  18. Yarinett Mazara says:

    My major is Hospitality Management. I just graduated and I am currently taking this class and working on my internship in the housekeeping department before I get my degree. The job that I am aiming for as of now is working in the front desk department because it will allow me enough free time to go back to school in January for my Master’s degree. However once I complete my Master’s degree and have a few years of experience in the industry I want to go back to my country and start my own business.
    My ranking is 2,3,6,1,4,5.
    I feel like this class can help me when using the first two items on my list at a certain time. For example in statistics it is important that we first analyze a problem before solving it. At the job that I will be working I will be faced with the same issues. I can’t operate a system before I analyze it correctly. Secondly I will have to come up with solutions to satisfy a guest when they are unhappy with the service the hotel has provided them. The solution that I represent to them can either have a plus or minus on the hotel.
    I most like won’t have to use standard deviation at front desk but it is important knowing new things even when you might not need them because it gives you more knowledge. When you have more knowledge you are more likely to succeed.

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      Starting your own business takes guts, determination, and skills – I think that’s great! Very best of luck to you.
      (ps. What kind of business? Where are you from?)

  19. My major is Hospitality Management / Teacher Education. I would like to one day teach students how to cook and how the hospitality industry works. I also hope to gain as much experience in the industry to improve on my skills and become a successful chef.

    From most to least likely: 1,6,4,2,3,5

    1) this is most important as a chef because you always have to follow or create a formula to get a job done or how to set a plate and making sure the results come out good for the person being served to.

    6) in every part of the kitchen or in a classroom you are always working together whether its with students or other chefs. I would be the person that leads my team to the solution and guides my students and chefs to make sure they do there part and succeed.

  20. Marie Charles says:

    My major is nursing. After I graduate I hope to get at least 1 year worth of experience on the med surg floor to eventually move to the labor and delivery floor where I would love to work long term.

    My ranking is 2,4,1,6,3,5

    This class more or less helps with number 4 on my ranking because it is exactly what we are learning to do which use the data provided to make a decision. In the hospital I will have to always look at all the data given like charts, reports, etc, to assist in making critical decisions.

    The last item on my ranking which is 5 , is still important to know in life although I will most likely not need it for my new career. It is important because one day in a given situation it will be useful somehow. The more you learn the better.

    • hrodriguez3 says:

      I agree with your response and feel you are right about number 4 being highest especially because you are majoring in nursing. And yes 5 I feel also feel won’t be that important in my career, being that we won’t major as mathematicians but it is very good to have knowledge of different things for the future, you never know when it can be used!

  21. Zahara Varela says:

    1. I am majoring in Human Services. After graduation I am hoping to obtain a job as a social worker. I am aiming to work with either children or the elderly. However I am also interested in starting my own center for homeless young adults.

    2. My ranking from the list of activities above is 6,3,4,2,1,5.

    3. My first choice from the list of activities is all about team work and deadlines. I believe that this class is preparing me to complete this task. Every now and then we are encouraged to work in pairs which will help tremendously in the work that I want to do. We also have deadlines when it come to homework, which helps with time management.

    4. Although I am not likely to need to know how to calculate the mean and standard deviation for my job, I think it is important to learn because you never know when it will come in handy. Math is all around us and one day we will be helping our children with homework. It’s a good thing to know.

  22. Usmaan Qureshi says:

    1.My major in City Tech is Accounting. After I get my associates in accounting, I want to change my major to education. This way, I can work at a small firm as a bookkeeper and continue to go to college to become a Teacher ( Math teacher).

    2. My ranking is 6,3,4,2,1,5.

    3. My first activity is team work and getting work done. We have worked in groups several times. I think it is a great way to learn. The second activity is Brainstorming . During this class I brainstorm and sometimes get several answers and then have to go with my best answer.

    4. I believe that knowing how to figure out the mean and standard deviation is very important. Its always good to know the average of certain things and the variation.
    Also, although we depend n technology a lot , knowing formulas are important as well.

  23. Manika Nestor says:

    1. My major is nursing I hope to gain job as a RN or nurse practitioner. in the near future .
    2. 6,4,5,3,1,2,
    3. (6)As a nurse you can not help patients all on there own its an team effort to everything done the correct way. It also a team they helps a hospital running smoothly as Individuals we have to know much responsibility we can take on. Two will always be better then one (4) we have to learn and remember what medications would be most effective for certain patients. we use the data gained by the FDA to modify our judgement what will be better with repertory problem will be different from a patient that suffer from heart and liver disease.
    4. I believe 1,2 are important to learn because in this economy jobs are not for certain you can be let go at any moment . it would be an advantage in any field if you can complete a task that is not required for your job descriptions

  24. Kevin Hernandez says:

    1.) My major is Business Marketing. I would like to have my own business rather than work for someone.

    2.) 6, 3, 2, 4, 1, 5

    3.) I believe this class will help me prepare for most of the choices on my list. Statistics is used in the business world, it is as simple as that.

    4.) I do believe that I have to know number 1 and 5 because a good business man should be able to calculate and examine efficiently and effectively.

  25. rosanna haripersaud says:

    My ranking is 4,3,2,6,1,5
    My major is nursing in nycct but i soon will be switching to physian assistant in another school.I’m hoping to get a job in a hospital in the city.the first item on my list is number four making descion based on data.i think this will help me alot when i become a physian assistant because i have to figure out how to treat my patient based on their medical history and look at the chances of them getting major and minor side affects.The last item on my list is number five I honestly dont think the mean and standard deviation would play a big role in my job because i dont think theres anything to average, but you never know there’s always a possibility of me having to do it.

  26. hiutungchung says:

    1. My major is Hospitality Management. I am planning to open my own business (bakery) in my home country.

    2. 1,3,4,2,5,6

    3. I think I will do all the accounting works by myself since I did take the hospitality accounting. So, there are many formulas that I need to use to calculate the revenue, expense and actual profit , etc. That’s why I think #1 this most important for my future career.

    4. Yes, I think it is important to learn #5 because sometimes I might not know what exactly number of the products that I sold. So that I can use the average to help for finding the answers.

  27. hrodriguez3 says:

    My major in city tech is legal assistant studies. I

    • hrodriguez3 says:

      1-My major in city tech is legal assistant studies. After graduation, I would like to get in a job in a very important law firm.


      3-Well working in a large law firm I will have to learn many new computer systems probably even things I have never heard of, which is the reason why I chose number two. This class cannot exactly help me with that because physically I won’t learn of any new legal software, however the techniques used to learn new equations and usually what we use to absorb it can be useful for me to learn of any legal software faster and easier.
      I think in every job you have it will be a must to learn how to work in a team, especially being in the legal field. That’s why i chose number 6 as my second because when we work as a team with classwork it prepares us to feel comfortable and more willing to be working and completing work together. This class is definitely helping me with that and will be excellent for a future job at a law firm.
      4-Well my last two least important for a future job would be calculating a formula and finding out the mean and standard deviation. I don’t think or feel that it will be necessary to really use this especially in a law firm where mostly writing and reading will be required. However, I can’t be wrong but it is good to have knowledge of many things even if you feel they won’t be necessary for the future.

  28. Lindsey says:

    6, 2, 3, 4, 1, 5

    My major is Hospitality Management. I want to be an Event Planner.

    6. For an event planner, you need to be organized and complete every assignment with a team. Need to meet with the client, to discuss what they want at the party, need to come up with spreadsheets and ideas for the party, have someone else with you that works with you, so they can take notes as well, and throw ideas out. And you definitely as an event planner need to deliver the final product on time or there will be no party.

    5. I will never use the standard deviation and mean formula as being an event planner.

  29. Estefania says:

    My major is hospitality management and the job that i hope to get after graduation is either a general manager of a Restaurant or A chef.

    2. my ranking is 6,4,3,5,1,2

    3. I dont know it this class can help me learn how to do #6 but i think it is a very important factor of being a general manager and getting things done. I think this class could help me accomplish that if there was a project or some type of group work.

    4. Even though its the last one i chose i still think its important because with the technology these days everything that needs to be recorded in a business is mostly in a computer.


    • Your correct Estefania, whether or not your a line cook or a chef statistic is a subject which tends to pop up. Speaking from experience in the kitchen, it isn’t always al fun as just preparing food. Knowing the mean and median for weekly inventory is important as well as other concepts statistics offers.

  30. Rubina Aktar says:

    My name is Rubina Aktar.

    1. My major is nursing. The job that I am hoping to get after graduation is to become a postoperative nurse or an ER nurse.

    2. My ranking is 6,4,5,3,1,2.

    3. My first item is #6. This class will help me prepare to complete this task especially when it comes to group working. Everyone has a role that they contribute to the group work such as someone writing the information and as a group brainstorming ideas and helping one another when someone does not understand a material. During my clinical, my classmates and I would help each other when we had a tough patient such as assisting one another to turn and position the patient or help give am care.

    4. My last item is #2. I put that as my last choice because as a nurse we have to be familiar with the devices that we are using. It is unlikely to be assigned to something and not be familiar with it especially when we are liable for our client.

  31. Rose-Mick September
    After this course i will have completed my Bachelor of Technology degree in Hospitality Management with a focus in Culinary Arts.
    Starting October 1st, 2012 I will be beginning course towards my two master degree in first Integrated Marketing Communications and then Business Administration. With all my degree I hope to get a job ideally as the Director of Food and Beverage with the ability to do their marketing for a corporate company kitchen or for a hotel, country club, cruise line, or restaurant.

    My ranking goes as first 6, 4,3,2,5,1
    The reason why I chose 6 first is because as a director/manage working in teams or leading team will be a major part of the job description. Having the knowledge and personality to deliver a product, create schedules for others, and follow through is extremely important in the hospitality industry. Number four came second because as a marketer your main goal is to protect the brand using data, graphs, carts, statistics to sort out how your competition is doing and to promote revenue. I know the usage of statistic will come up again in my career. There are many simple formula which the knowledge of will make the difference in a promotion or downgrade.
    The reason why I picked numbers five and one last is because though they are equally important their usage doesn’t triumphant over the others. They’re important to know to an extent for my career but will not effect my daily duties severally.

  32. cyril says:

    My name is Cyril Odame-Adjei
    current major is human services i belive that this major will help me to get into other service fields like health administration then a masters in political science.

    The job im hoping to recieve after graduation is an health administrator
    or a political analyst.
    my ranking is
    6 because in my career path group work is mandated and last 1 because i like to avoid too much math when i can and 1wont really be needed for my career.

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