OpenLab Assignment #4: Take a break

You have no OpenLab assignment this weekend – use the time to catch up on other work and study for the exam.

Extra credit.  Tell me what music you like.  What’s in heavy rotation on your iPod?  I’m listening to Parov Stelar (“compulsively listenable electroswing”) and Aesop Rock (“inaccessible hiphop intelligentsia”).  A few ground rules:  No offensive lyrics, be considerate of others, feel free to include a link but only to a legal site such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

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  1. tchoedon says:

    i;m listening to Jack Johnson – With Lyrics “Good People” and if you like this song there’s lyrics along the song.
    i’m also listening to Craig David walking Away

  2. Yarinett Mazara says:

    I like this openlab it is very interesting. I am Dominican borned but raised here almost my entire life. I don’t have a specific preferance of music. In my opinion there are great artists out there so when I like a song it doesn’t matter what genre or who sings it. However not so long ago I developed a big interest in Salsa and soon when I have some free time I want to take dancing lessons so that I can learn how to dance professional salsa.

  3. hrodriguez3 says:

    I have an incredibly mixed playlist in my ipod and listen to almost everything. My music varies from Johnny Cash to Incubus to Geovanny Polanco (a merengue singer) and various mores. I have a large interest in all types of spanish music such as salsa, bachata, punta, merengue, tipico, balads, rock and the list goes on and on. I also like oldies and hip hop such as biggie and nas. Like i said i can talk all night about this! LOL:)

  4. Omar Husain says:

    I like a lot of different kinds of music. I recently bought Pharoah Sanders’ album Karma and I think it’s awesome. He just wails away on parts of it and it’s really intense. Sometimes when I’m studying I listen to William Byrd. He composed a lot of religious music, but what I like most is his secular music for harpsichord (virginals). It’s really delicate, elegant music:

  5. I’ve been hitting replay on Gotye’s song “Eyes wide open”


    Thanks for the break just when im finally answering an openlab on time. on my ipod i listen to various music . My podcasts DJ Arch new house music 2/28/11 you can go on itunes go into podcasts and download it for free. I also listen to Haitian Allstars zouke lovers. Its soft kompa music from haiti with a mix of spanish songs really nice and mellow. you can also find it on itunes podcasts its free to download. I hope you like and enjoy.

  7. yasminm says:

    I like enjoy R&B music. Being that Usher is my all time favorite singer, all of Usher’s songs are on heavy rotation in my ipod 🙂 These are two songs off of his new cd that came out on June 12th, enjoy!



    • Marie Charles says:

      I also love Usher!! He is the best! I love all his songs and I still didnt buy his newest album yet but I definitely will!! The 2 songs you put are 2 of my favs also!!!

  8. Rose-Mick September
    Sadly I haven’t updated my IPod in a long time but currently i listen to a lot of R&B/HipHop. Also their is a tie with soca music and kompa. If anyone didn’t know I am from Haiti and our genre is called Kompa which is basically a mix of soft tome songs, r&b but in creole our language. In addition being from the island and having a lot of trini friends I love soca music.

  9. isak says:

    I like to listen to different variety of music, all of them are all good. Usually i listen on my iPod some Russian music, house, rap music and all other kinds of it. Every kind of music makes you feel differently. Like when you go to gym, you listen to motivated songs, so you could push yourself.

    • Honey Pinzon says:

      I agree with your opinion in music, every type of music is for a certain type of mood, it all depends where you are and who you are with. Music to me is a life savor , it distracts me from so many things and it makes me feel a lot better

  10. rosanna haripersaud says:

    I like to listen to different types of music but my favorite is reggae.Especially bob marley, his music to me is just calming and makes me relax especially when im feeling stressed out. one of my favorites is

  11. Clark Monzon says:

    Music is a big part of my life and I use it to inspire me and motivate as well. The type of music I like to listen to are jazz, soul, hip-hop, blues, psychedelic, independent rock and punk. The artist that is on heavy rotation right now is and some other artists I enjoy listening to:
    • Stan Getz “Con Alma”
    • George Braith “Nut City”
    • J Dilla “So far to go”

  12. cyril says:

    Currently i listen to a lot of Cascada when im down as well as christian songs but im all over the place when it comes to music i have a recently also stared listen to lupe fiasco
    and the metal band dragon force from Europe i also love inspirational songs like wavin’ flag by K’naan

  13. hiutungchung says:

    I usually listen to Chinese music or Korean music.

    Korean songs mix with many different styles in the song such as rap and heavy beat. they are usually dance songs and they will use some English words or short Korean phrase plus some “dance movement” to let people remember their songs.

    there are some songs that I like


    hope you all enjoy these songs. 🙂

  14. dcaban428 says:

    I like to listen to mostly any style of music but i just bought a new iPod so all i have on it now is a lot of linkin park and maroon 5. But what i really do like is house music and classical music. My favorite classical music is Beethoven’s Fur Elise because it calms me down and relax’s me from a stressful day. (

  15. Gaelle Ciceron says:

    I listen to different types of music like R & B and Pop. My favorite genres are kompa and zouk. I can listen to kompa and zouk everyday without getting tired of it. It actually keeps me focused when studying.

  16. ehuffman113 says:

    I must be the only person in the class who doesn’t have an ipod…yet. I mostly listen to music at home, but I definitely make time to listen to music. Before I leave for the day, I play something that will put me in the right frame of mind, for example “The Dog Song” performed by Nellie McKay. She is a singer/songwriter and also a dog rescuer:

    At times I will play something to relax me sometimes before I go to sleep, a lullaby of sorts. I love the old standards for this. This is Louis Armstrong performing “A Kiss To Build a Dream On”:

    Hope you enjoy them!

  17. Rubina Aktar says:

    I listen to all kinds of music but mostly hindi and rock. It keeps me awake while I am studying especially when studying in the morning of the exam. At the moment I am listening to

  18. Marie Charles says:

    I love to listen to all types of music as long as my ears like it and my body moves to it lol…but the song that I just recently uploaded on my ipod the other day is called Refill(Remix) by Elle Varner ft. T. Pain and Wale! Personally I think its soooo good, always on repeat when Im in my car! Here’s the link to the video of the original song.

  19. I love all types of music. Once it have a good beat and nice lyrics I can sing and dance all day long. On my ipod recently downloaded a lot of hip hop and pop music. I mostly play Katy Perry Wide Awake. I just love that song and the beat is amazing.

  20. Manika Nestor says:

    i love all genre of music but it has to be written and produced before the year 2000 for some reason i believe at the beginning of this era music just wasn’t the same. the quality and the passion that used to be put into the music is no longer there. i guess it doesnt sell as fast or as much. I have an supposed old soul i just feel like i have good taste in music . I love Soul and RnB it speaks to me in so many ways. IM currently obsessed with the artist Case he knew and spoke the language of love as it was and always should be .

  21. edmundo says:

    before i had no interest in music but now i love listening to cumbia sonidera and bachata, which are both spanish music. my ipod mainly consisted of these two genres, but at few times i would add some modern american songs

  22. Honey Pinzon says:

    When someone asks me what type of music I listen too, I always answer a little bit of everything. Honestly, it is everything, on my ipod there can be form spanish music, to soft rock, to old music, to house. As of right now and which I always listen to , to concentrate in my work is slow house music. To me its very relaxing, and it will be mostly songs or beats that come from Europe.

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