Infographic / Creative Detournement (Culture Jam) / Art Project (Inspirational)

My revisions for my infographic image was keeping the font size uniform for the entire image. All the captions are font size 40, and the text is font size 31. I also made all the opacity is of the line under the captions the same at 47%. I could not find the right “I Don’t Know” hand gesture, I checked the noun project website, but I still didn’t find anything I liked, so I decided not to put anything. I also changed the butterfly cage so the colors complemented the rest of the graphics, and I changed the netting, which I found on the noun project website. For my Culture jam I did it on ExxonMobil and Fracking. On the left I have the CEO of ExxonMobil talking to a crowd of people and while he is saying fracking is safe, the crowd doesn’t see all the dangers of fracking. All the danger is below and behind them. My original idea was to use a jack hammer, but I like how everyone thought it was a syringe so I went with that idea and added toxic droplets to go along with that idea. I added the toxic gas ,water, and I added fire. I also fixed the roots so it connects to the syringe, to the gas, and to the destruction of the house which represents the earthquakes that occurs from fracking. As for my inspirational piece it is about the destruction of the environment which is leading to global warming. I put all the destruction in the lens of glasses to represent that as a society we need to focus on all the things we are doing as a society that is causing global warming. I have deforestation, dry lands, oil spills, power plants, and landfills.



CULTURE JAM:culture-jam (1)



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