Infographic, Culture Jam, Inspirational project

The Infographic was the most difficult of the three projects I had to do. I had to revise it many times to get the message that i want across and to do it so i do not use too many words. The point of the Infographic is for graphics to explain what you could say in words. The cultural jam was not that difficult in comparison, i had to change it twice. I had the idea that i wanted to use from the very beginning and i changed how it looked and the main focal point but the company SONY i refused to move away fro m that as my topic. The inspirational was by far the easiest for me I had a idea in class and I was able to recreate it perfectly the way I wanted. The words were changed to a different font to better fit the theme as well as the color, other than that i got it done pretty much the first time



Culture Jam

cultral jam maybe





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