Creative Detournement


infograhic final

Culture jam:

culture jam final


inspirational final

This creative detournement project was one of the toughest projects to finish throughout the course of this class. My process throughout this project was quite stressful and obsessive. For the infographic i had to find a visual way to express my issue paper topic which was on The Sexualization of Girls in Media. For my culture jam, I think I went completely out of the box and created a new background to ridicule for the content on their website that spreads poison into the public through different outlets like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. For my inspirational piece, I wanted to focus on multiple interpretations of learning, regardless of whether a person is learning from books or real world experiences.   My culture jam and inspirational pieces caused me the most stress because I redid each of these projects about 4 or 5 times from the beginning, compared to the infographic which i only redid 3 times. I was also very obsessive with these projects as far as thinking about ideas and how to execute that idea on Pixlr, the program I was using.

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