Response 11

“Matthew Arnold warned that ” faith in machinery” was mankind’s greatest menace” Page 42

Literally: The quote meant that, we as a people placed all our hopes on technology, that it has become a danger to us. We have surrounded ourself with technology that it is continuously ruling us and everything we do. We are also unable to function without technology but only on machines

Intellectually: Intellectually, this made me think about how our world is being based and lived on technology. We have placed so much faith in machines that, it is forced that we need it. Technology have grown so much and its amazing, something we created has the ability to run our lives.

Emotionally:Emotionally, i believe what Arnold said about we placing a huge faith in machinery. Although i don’t completely agree with machines being a menace in society because it has greatly helped. But i feel bad that we have placed our whole mind on it. And if anything happens and machines fail, we will be in big trouble.

“The citizen of a technocracy knew that science and technology did not provide philosophies by which to live, and they clung to the philosophers of their father” Page 47

Literally: The citizen knew that technology wasn’t the best way to learn life. They felt, talking amongst one another and taking their time analyzing life was a better option. When technology is present in life, your surrounding is much faster.

Intellectually: This quote helped me think that we have been in slavery with technology. They believed that the best philosophies in life were taking your time and think. Technology has become so much a distraction for us.

Emotionally:when i read this quote, i can honestly relate. We have surrounded ourself with so much technology that we neglected the idea of thinking and fully understanding how life goes. Philosophers would sit and wonder why things move the way we move, and have a mindset on the possible outcomes. But now technology and science had enable us to think like everyone else.

The American lives in a land of wonders” he wrote “everything around him is in a constant movement, and every movement seems an advance.” Page 52

Literally: Tocqueville literally meant that, in America, everything around us in constant movement. We are not embracing what’s around the world. The article speaks on both sides of technology and how it’s both good and bad. America is in a constant change, and every new invention that’s created, is more advanced than the previous creation.

Intellectually: this makes me think of car and other machines that are being built. In the past, cars were only met to travel around. Now, cars have the ability to give us internet where every you go. Cars are able to park themselves, and as one realize, cars are become more and more advanced.

Emotionally: emotionally , I feel no emotions reading this quote and article because everything that’s said is true. And I feel that technology helped us in so many ways because of how easy life has become. We have allowed technology to rule us and become comfortable.

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2 Responses to Response 11

  1. Abigale says:

    I think you explained the first passage well in the literally section of your response. I really liked the quote you chose, and I agree 100% with it. Technology is both a gift and a curse, but I feel as though it is more of a curse. It has made us complacent, arrogant, lazy, and desensitized. We depend on it way too much and even though it was created to assist us, it now dominates us.

  2. I agree with the quote you chose for the beginning of the passage, it is a very honest quote pertaining to our society today. I feel like you did explain the quote well in a literal sense although some of your other explanations were a bit vague. Overall, this is a good post with good effort!

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