Project Four–Creative Détournement

Détournement–appropriates and alters an existing media artifact, one that the intended audience is already familiar with, in order to give it a new, subversive meaning. . . . In addition to its instrumental, critical function, détournement has an important humanistic function. Détournement can be used to disrupt the flow of the media spectacle and, ultimately, to rob it of its power. Advertisements start to feel less like battering rams of consumerism and more like the raw materials for art and critical reflection. Advertising firms may still generate much of culture’s raw content, but through détournement and related culture jamming tactics, we can reclaim a bit of autonomy from the mass-mediated hall of mirrors that we live in, and find artful ways to talk back to the spectacle and use its artifacts to amplify our own voices.(from Beautiful Trouble)

Today’s Agenda

  1. Review Assignment
  2.  Read Beautiful Trouble piece.
  3.  Read Cultural Resistance Arts as Protest.
  4.  Start a blog post where you discuss how the readings you did connect to the assignment.
  5. Proceed to search web for examples that fit each of the three parts of the assignment. Post three images, one from each category and prepare to discuss. Choose images that you think are effective both rhetorically and visually.

Here is the culture jam assignment














Essential Links

Examples: Planned Parenthood Infographics




For our next project, we’re going to be using image manipulation software. To this end, I’m going to ask you to download a portable app called GIMP. This app should be saved to a thumb drive and all work you do for the project should be saved to your thumb drive. You won’t need to install it on your computer at home or at school. It can work from your thumb drive, making it completely portable. As soon as you read this post, go ahead and download it and save it to your thumb drive. You can download it here.

Pepper Spray Cop

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