Issue Paper for Monday 04/04, & Response 10 for Wednesday 04/06

Issue Paper Submission

Ok, we’ll make Winner’s piece due on Wed and we’ll continue our discussion from Wednesday over into Monday’s class.

For your issue paper, set up a new blog post, and attach the paper as a Word file. In the post itself, give us a brief introduction to the project. Tell us what its about, what went well for you, what you struggled the most with, and what you would add or change if you had more time to work on it. (Required)

In the paper itself, you MUST include a correctly formatted Works Cited page. Projects without a Works Cited page will not be accepted. Use Easybib if you need help formatting.

Finally, before submitting, make sure to check your work against the assignment. I’m going to be paying particular attention to your creative solutions to the issue. I’m hoping to find out-of-the-box solutions. Remember the story I told you about that town in the Northwest that ended mass incarceration in the community by bringing all the parties together to work out an appropriate response to a crime? Don’t feel constrained by the pragmatics of the current situation we’re in. Think big. Imagine a possible future that is beyond the structures that we currently inhabit. I want you to imagine a different possible world. Check your work against the assignment. I can’t emphasize this enough.

For Wednesday, then—

Read Winner’s “Do Artifacts Have Politics.”

Pick one passage from the essay and link it up to one of the articles we’ve read from the past couple of weeks. (Your choice.) Two to three paragraphs. Let us know why this connection is worthwhile to make.

Make sure to leave four comments on Response 9 from your classmates.

Make sure to print out the essay and bring it with you to class.

The Panama Papers

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