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IssuePaper: ENG 1710 (Abigale)

My paper is about gun violence in urban communities. It’s basically a continuation of my exploratory paper where I chose to dig deeper into the pervasive violence in the Black and Latino communities. I discovered that my topic was a bit broad, so I chose to put my central focus on the city of Chicago, a place that has been riddled with gun violence in recent years and even throughout its history. In my paper I talk about how gun corporations are profiting and benefiting from the sales and profits of guns, and how guns are being pushed into cities like Chicago via places like Indiana where gun laws are lax. I also talk about the people who are suffering at the hands of these corporations, which would obviously be the victims of gun violence.

What went well for me during the time I spent on this project was finding sources. The information for  this specific topic was plentiful, and I was able to find what I needed to clarify the points I was trying to bring across. Honestly, I struggled with the solution portion of the paper. Why? Well, because when it comes to a topic like this one, it’s hard to conceive a world where things like this isn’t happening. Especially since numerous activists and leaders have stepped up to combat these problems, only to be silenced or have people turn the other cheek. I found that part very difficult. What I would change about the paper is probably the length, however I do feel as though each piece of information was pertinent. Maybe I went overboard, but I’m hoping I did not. If I could add more to my paper, I would probably add more details on the most popular types of guns that are being manufactured, but I figured that information was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


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