Response 6

First I apologize for the lateness of my post I’ve been working hard on looking for sources and lacking sleep.
So far I’ve decided on three topic areas
1. Feminism – How the sexual revolution has harmed women
2. Body Image- How media and images affect male body image.
3. Rape- How the over sexualization of girls teaches men to be sexually violent.

Currently I have gathered and researched  sources and began typing an overview of information under each topic. In the beginning, I started with general topic areas and then used library databases such as Opposing Viewpoints (Gale) and Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) to find specific subtopics under the main topics I selected. After searching and reading through many articles I found something I felt confident discussing. Once I found two articles I read through the articles carefully writing down the main points. As I begin writing my essay I will go back over the articles to see if there were any specific things that I missed. Then, I will begin writing the body paragraphs for each of the topics. Honestly, I believe that I have narrowed down the topic I want to continue exploring in my issue paper but my opinions will be subject to change depending on my continued research on the topics I chose.

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