Response #6 – Discussion on Social Justice Exploratory Project

Social Justice Exploratory Project
For the structure of my paper I will begin with an abstract stating the three topics I will be writing about. The topics are environmental racism, Transgenders laws,  and Abortion. I will begin by writing a brief introduction, some background information about each subject and my knowledge about each topic before I start exploring the problems of the social issues. Afterwards I plan to discuss the two sources I found for each topic. Followed by my thoughts and understanding of the research I did. Once I finish with all three subjects, my conclusion will include a recap of what I wrote and my thoughts and feeling about overall social issues. After that I will lead in with what topic I have decided to choose for the next project which is the Issue paper. Most importantly I will show all the sources I referenced in the paper and do it correctly in MLA format.

So far I have written out on a piece of paper a guideline of how I want to write out my paper. For environmentalism racism I’m thinking about discussing not only flint, Michigan, but other states that are experiencing this same issue. For the transgender topic I was leaning towards discussing certain laws, and maybe talking about the effects that occurs like suicides that happens within that community. My last topic which is on abortion, I think i’m going to write about the TRAP laws that are associated with this topic and I might bring up some news articles I have recently read, and the latest developments on abortion in America. I’ve searched JSTOR, ProjectMuse, Ebsco, and the Ursula C. Schwerin Library academic databases for my sources on all three topics. I know there are other databases I could search, but as of right now those academic databases are providing a lot of information on my topics which I haven’t fully looked through yet. I came across many peer-reviewed journals, and I am still deciding which are the best sources for each topic. I’m also figuring out how i’m going to arrange the order of my topics in my paper. I have read the exploratory paper of George Gordon to get an idea of how to tackle this paper, and what stood out for me was how orderly he was throughout his entire paper. He did all the requirements and showed that he understood all the sources he used and expressed his feelings well. Even though my paper is unfinished, I have an idea which topic I will pick for my issue paper, which will probably be on environmental racism. While I was researching for sources on that topic, I noticed there were a lot of information about this subject outside of the united states which gave me an idea of how I am going to purpose the issue paper.

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