Response 5

According to “Learn From Las Vegas” by Andrew Boyd had many key points in his essay. He elaborated what the true meaning of a “Spectacle” to him was and the meaning of taboo. He explains the “spectacle” as “It is a way of making and argument. Not enough appeals to reason, rationality, and self- evident truth, but instead through myth and story, imagination and fantasy.” He is explaining that a spectacle creates a dream on display. He connects Progressive with spectacle by explaining in is essay that “we need to acknowledge that politics-even our own politics- is about persuasion, and that one of most effective ways to persuade people and affect change, is to tap into their dreams.” Without “spectacle” it will be hard convince anyone, because you would be selling them a fantasy. He also spoke about taboo elaborating what it was. taboos are restriction, prohibitive laws laid down by society to ensure stability. Lippmann used the word “taboo” in a more liberal sense, by considering it a way to “abolish human instincts” in effort to bring social change. This meant that, they would find any ways to bring negative ways and acts towards a positive view. Meaning if they allow bad acts to become a norm, then to everyone eyes, they bad act wouldn’t be viewed as a bad act anymore.Towards the end of the chapter on page 48, it clearly states that Las vegas is a “spectacle”, because although everything around seems so realistic and fun, but in reality it all a painted picture to fulfill your fantasy or dream.

Some of the social issue that will be included in my project would be
1.Police Brutality
3.Inequality In pay wages, how man get paid more then woman

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