Response 6

This blog post discusses the current direction of my exploratory project. This overview is subject to change.

As of right now, my three topics are as follows:

  1. Gun Violence in Urban Communities
  2. The Social Construct of Race/Racism (I may or may not change this topic to Institutionalized Racism or even a different topic altogether)
  3. Poverty in America and Its Effect on Children

I have also gathered my sources and they are mostly journals written by professors of major universities. I retrieved my sources online by utilizing the database on JSTOR and came up with several articles and journals on my topics. Some of the articles for the social justice issues varied in their aspects of the topic at hand. With that in mind, I’ve decided that I will use each topic as a “tree” and branch off into surrounding topics that share common links. For instance, for social issue number 3, I was going to focus solely on poverty in America, but then discovered another article on how children are affected by poverty. These topics mesh quite perfectly, and I would definitely find a way to connect the two. The same can be said for my other issues. For number 1, I wanted to focus on gun violence , but I have also decided to narrow it down to gun violence in specific areas (urban communities). This gives me a better chance at focusing on the main topic at hand and creating an in-depth view on the links and association between the two sources. As of right now, this is where I am with my project. I’ve basically mapped out how I’m going to use my sources and how I will relate them to each topic while providing connections between the sources. Aside from the typography, (Times New Roman, 12-inch font, 1.5 spacing, etc.) I’m still figuring out my format. I do believe I will introduce each topic and then separate them into paragraphs which preface the sources and how each of them relate to the issue being discussed.

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