Response 12–Due 11/9 BEFORE CLASS

We’re continuing our work with art as protest. Remember that after your post these three, you’re going to be giving brief 1-2 minute presentations on one of the creative detournement pieces you want to share.

For this response, include three examples of creative detournemant or art-as-protest. Find your examples from the readings. For the first, go back to Dominguez’s piece that we read last class “Electronic Disturbance” (remember our airplanes?) and find an example of a strategy. If you can find a related with images, include them. Tell us a little about the work. Find two more examples. For the second draw from Alonzo’s “Art as Resistance,” and for the 3rd, draw from Raley’s “Borderhacks.” For each one, give us some background on the piece of “art” or “performance” and include links and pictures if possible. Tell us which was your favorite and why.

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