Response 11

In “Electronic Disturbance: An Interview” by Ricardo Dominguez, Dominguez grew up in a region in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was constantly exposed to different forms of civil disobedience in many shapes and forms. Later on, he goes through his own acts of civil disobedience such as butt-ins (public misconduct), virtual sit-ins (overloading websites), stopping E-Toys, and so forth. He promoted the effects of speaking out against large companies as well as unjust acts and getting your message across through any means possible.
I think that this is a very inspirational piece since it encourages individuals to do whatever it takes to make things right in society. Unfortunately, we do not have many activists or people fighting for the common good of the people therefore we must have a voice for ourselves. Dominguez is also a brilliant writer since he is very effective in getting his point across to the readers and he is very descriptive when telling his stories which makes you feel as if you were there fighting alongside him.

In “The Liberal Solution to Police Violence: Restoring Trust Will Ensure More Obedience/The Indypendent” by Jose Carmona, Carmona states:
“Already, as the technology`s introduction has begun, police executives are complaining that they are swamped with too much data”(3).

The reason why I chose this quote is because I think that the use of body cameras is going to be more challenging than what we had originally planned out. There is too much data to be analyzed that it will give police officers more of a hassle just sorting out what is displayed on the tapes as well as what is specifically relevant to the case. Also, I believe that this issue will in turn cause a bigger issue since the need for more cops to help sort the data out not only will cost a lot more money, but will also make many citizens skeptical as to whether these tapes are toyed with or corrupted. This, I believe will be the next issue regarding the tapes therefore I think that the tapes, no matter who deals with them, will pose an issue and so maybe there should be a discussion as to whether or not these body cameras should even exist.

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