Response #10- Culture jamming


This piece is by artist Robbie Conal who’s mentioned in the Dery piece. The link to his website is in the pictures caption.  Conal is guerrilla poster artist who’s known for his warped portrayal of political figures or policy. This piece had little explanation other than the year it was created. However the purpose of many of these culture jamming pieces is to send a message without a message, meaning its open to interpretation without mediation.

This piece stood out to me because its mocking oil tycoons, fossil fuels and the innate greed to harness them. One of the biggest industries in this country is the oil business and the main reason, many speculate, that we continue wars in the middle east. So to mock the greed by calling these tycoons fools is a solid piece.



Another piece by artist Robbie Conal. Of all the artists I looked up from the Dery piece I liked his stuff the best because its not crazy but it is direct. This piece to me is saying there is no clear definition of art and the idea that someone can say something is art and something is not is fake and “artificial”.  Art is subjective so to put art in a show and suddenly say its more valuable than something else is ridiculous.


The last picture isn’t one from Conal but from someone named Paul Dickerson. I found this piece on the website listed in the caption. I thought it related to the second Conal piece in relation to art. Traditional art is regulated and often separates itself from society and by saying it’s dead is like saying open the gates, free the prisoners anything created is art. On this website it says “culture jamming as a form of activism and a resistance movement to the hegemony of popular culture” which sums it up perfectly resist the regular.

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  1. Mitch McConnell scares me.

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