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Yes, acts of activism can be fun. When we point out the corruption of companies or businesses, as well as make fun of some of the slogans they say which are often untrue, it can help to act against them whether through changing their slogans or protesting and so forth, to make them see what we see. Detourning the slogans last class helped to make the horrible situations we face daily a bit more enjoyable and bearable to deal with. Enjoyment should consume every part of our daily lives since we deserve to do what makes us happy by voicing our opinions about how we feel about certain issues. Nonetheless, things don`t always work that way in real life. Enjoyment is stripped from our daily lives through the work we constantly have to do as well as the loss of time and sleep, along with not making enough money from the job we perform to cover our daily necessities.

I learned that when it comes to acts of activism, there is no limit. After reading the Jordan piece called “The Art of Necessity” and discussing it in class, my mind got opened up to the different possibilities of what I can include in the next project. I have a few ideas of what I can do but I will work to hopefully make my piece stand out in order to emphasize the importance of preventing Sexual Exploitation of Children.

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