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Throughout all of our readings we have seen how media affects all of us. In Postman’s “Media as Epistemology” he talks about the fact that a lot of of the things we view on television is junk but he is not speaking of it in a negative light. He appreciates the junk and states that the amount of junk that’s in print is much more vast than that on television. We as a people have been molded by the junk that’s in print or TV even if it’s disguised as news that we must digest. This has had an effect when it comes to the Zapatistas in Mexico. Even though they are just standing up for what they view as injustices and have formed their own peaceful community, the Mexican government views them as terroristic and a threat. They want to use their power as a government to poison the publics mind into thinking what they want them to. We see how powerful a group can be when people disguise their identity with things such as the Guy Fawkes mas. Even though they know what they are standing up for is right their is still that fear that the large body above them whether it is government or the media, will be able to bring down their entire livelihood.  This theme runs especially deep when it comes to “The Corporation.” We see a vast amount of lies and deceit from all these companies even when the truth presents a danger to the public. They use their power as large entities, just as a government does, to change the narrative surrounding them. They know that we as a people have been conditioned to believe what we see on the evening news and in a newspaper and use that to their advantage to put any light they please on their public stature. We see throughout all of these readings and the film just how much of an effect this media and new technology has on us and shows us that maybe we need to drastically change the way we let these things form our mind for us.

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  1. I agree with you that media has influenced how we view society. In a way, it manipulates us into believing what they want us to believe therefore tricking us in ways that we never knew was possible. This is very disturbing to find out but now we can see media, similarly to corporations, for what they truly are.

  2. Samantha says:

    I think you make a good point here we are molded by what we see on TV and even by what we’re told is news. In the past century writing has become less of a knowledge based medium because anyone anywhere can publish virtually anything. I think it becomes dangerous when corporations as you said, manipulate writing and even digital forms of communication for their own agendas. I think about the BP oil spill as an example of this and all the media campaigning they did to shit focus from the fact that they were at fault.

  3. I agree that the media’s role, throughout all pieces, is definitely a link between the pieces and film. When you wrote of the “Guy Fawkes” masked being used, I had only been thinking of what the reading specifically stated (about masks being a way to show unity and oneness.) In your response, you brought up masks also being a “safety device,” which the article did mention, but I personally did not dwell upon. Reading your response made me appreciate these protestors (particularly the Zapatistas) in a new way. We all know there is high risk when you go against any larger “being.” Yet, these masks, as you stated, allow the public to speak their mind, fight for their beliefs, and do so with the hopefulness of safety by anonymity.

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