Response 4 Due Monday 9/21 By 2:00 p.m.

For this blog post, I’m interested in seeing how you make connections across the  readings and film.

You should have picked up by now that we have two major threads running through our readings. The first are issues related to technology and language and how they organize our consciousness and the social sphere. The second are issues of neoliberalism and how certain parties (governments and their collusion with corporations) use media and technology to seize power in ways that often do not serve the interests of the commons (the people).

On Wednesday, we discussed Nail’s essay on Zapatismo and Occupy, but we did not go far enough into this very important essay. (Why is it so important? I can tell you, but I’d prefer that you formulate an opinion on your own. Don’t be surprised if I call on you in class to discuss on Monday!) Do yourself a favor, to get caught up on Zapatismo, read through the Wikipedia entry.

This is what I’d like you to do for your response on Monday. You have four things to consider:

1. Nail’s essay.

2. Postman’s “Media as Epistemology”

3. McLuhan’s “Reversal of the Overheated Medium”

4. The film, The Corporation

I’d like you to find a thread (or threads) that connect all the pieces together. I’d suggest that you either start with Postman and McLuhan or start with Nail and the film. One of the things Postman speaks of is resonance. In this post, I want to you explain how some aspect of Postman’s essay resonates with McLuhan’s. McLuhan’s essay speaks about “reversals” and “break boundaries.” How do these ideas echo Postman’s? What threads can you find that resonate with the film? Make sure to make your connection explicit. In various ways, Nail’s essay explains that, as Zapatismo shows, we are not trapped by neoliberalism’s seizure of power. Make sure to connect Nail’s essay to the other three.

If you have any questions as you work on this, drop comments below or send me an email. See you in class Monday!

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