Response 4

In Mcluhan’s “Reversal of the Overheated Medium,” he brings up a point of how commodities are assuming the role of information, which is what Postman says about TV in “Media as Epistemology.” Television is how people are beginning to get most of their news and entertainment from. Not that printed media became obsolete but has taken a sort of backseat and this leads to negative and positive outcomes. In turn, this links to the movie, The Corporation, as the film is exposes the terrible aspects of corporations. We are using it in a way to further our knowledge and understanding of the themes for class, as well as, gaining insight on corporations. The film has a scene in which a group of protesters camp out on the lawn of CEO because they blame him for the things his company has done, Which is similar to the idea of Public Debt, making the individual privately accountable for group action, that corporate enterprise invented, which Mcluhan talks about as well.

Postman speaks on how we’ve moved away from the printing press with the invention of television which matches up well with how Mcluhan explains that we broke boundaries when going from print to the steam press and from radio to movies. Finally, Nail’s essay brings up horizontalism, consensus, and the use of political masks as a way to break away from neoliberalism. Similarly to how Mcluhan describes the reversals of media, we could use those ideas to reverse political strategies and possibly adopt some new forms.

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  1. Folayemi says:

    I definitely see where you’re getting at with the comparisons, maybe just a little bit more information would be helpful. Overall I understood where each author’s views lies.

  2. I am curious if you found that any 1 particular theme “overpowered” the others? Such as media, horizontalism, etc.? I think your last sentence is great, you not only gave common themes, you gave us your own idea from the reading on ways for possible change.

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