Response Number 3

I feel that there are many aspects to the concept of a Technopoly that Postman speaks about. One of which is that the aim of Technopoly is to make all aspects of work a sort of science. To remove the human judgement to be replaced by the thoughts and the calculations of a machine, which unlike humans, don’t make mistakes. In a Technopoly people must find meaning in the machinery that are a part of their society. The major shift that takes place when going from a Technocracy to a Technopoly, is that “a Technocracy聽 does not have as its aim a grand reduction in which human life must find its meaning in machinery and technique”(Postman, 52), whereas a Technopoly聽 does in fact.

I feel that there is an indirect connection between the police state discussed and the Technopoly that many nations find themselves in. IF you look at this in a state of mind that the powers that be want to maintain a Technopoly, you can start to see that perhaps they feel that the best way to maintain order and break down society to a scientific level is through the power of the police. All over the world government is influenced by various things, most often of which though is money, and if keeping society the same requires silencing those who pose some level of opposition to the power that be, or those who don’t fit into the scientific model that they want t have in place, then the use of the Police to keep said people down may be the cause of the police state in many instances. I might not say that the Police state is a direct extension of the Technopoly, but I would say that it may be a strong contributing factor.


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