Response 3

From what Postman described, a Technopoly is the point we reached where machinery and technology has become more valuable and efficient than a human can be. It’s where we disregard the effects any future inventions may have, as long as they they can make more profit, make us more efficient and can be made for the sake of having new technology. We relinquish some rights and some freedoms, if not all, in our desire for something new piece of technology that can make our lives simpler. We place our faith into technology by abandoning our past and our culture in the process. Since we realized that technology and machines will not make their own or even human errors unless, the creator of said technology made a fault in their design or programming. It is simply more convenient and efficient to allow everything to be automated.

The current police state’s major similarity is that we’ve allowed them to become such a powerful entity. It is much more convenient to let the police deal with crimes, especially while having our laws and forms of justice in place. We realize that we need the police to help and protect us as well, so we allow corporations and the rich to exploit them for their profitable advantage and let these social and racial injustices to run amok, especially against the poor and minorities. It could be seen as an extension of the technopoly, especially as humans become more expendable compared to the rise of new technology to come. As long as the average consumer exists, who will cause no issue with how everything is being automated and will bow down to the way things are being run, it would much easier to just repress or eliminate the few who object and fight.

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