Is Literacy Preserved through Online Dating?

Is Literacy Preserved through Online Dating?

In the postcritical shift from literacy to electracy, as Sarah Arroyo, defines as “an attempt to move rhetoric into the electrate apparatus.” This new coined term “postcritical” in literacy, critical means to make arguments. The arguments one conceives are a mix of both pathos and logos and borders on how one identifies with someone suffering. In the “Automation of Knowledge” by Lewis Mumford, he evokes the question “How do we move productively further into the apparatus of electracy in a way that is productive and ethical?” For us to move productively into electracy we must become aware of the ways in which electracy is preserved in literacy through online dating. Dating online has sabotaged electracy and literacy. In the electrate apparatus online dating is seen through the forms practice- entertainment, behavior-play, and axis-joy/sadness.

Throughout time the structure of language has changed significantly from orality, literacy to this new coined term electracy. Electracy, Gregory Ulmer defines as an apparatus, meaning that it is a social machine, part technological, part ideological, and part metaphysical.1 The shift from orality to writing using alphabetic writing needs electracy to act as a unifier, not as a replacer. In this current state of electracy, which the Internet has magnetized, the art of literacy and communicating has been obliterated through online platforms such as online dating. Due to the types of online dating sites, it has unknowingly created a platform that men and women feel as if they can carry on however they like. The old value of how to approach one another has been tossed through the window. In many cases online dating profiles create a false-sense of self. While others are honest and searching for a soul mate, other people tend to create obnoxious profiles and send derogatory messages.
Online dating or Internet dating is a personal introductory system whereby individuals can find and contact each other over the Internet to arrange a date usually with the objective of developing a personal, romantic, or sexual relationship.2 The once, shameful world of online dating has been more acceptable in the millennial generation. There are endless dating sites like OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr,, Christian Singles, Black People Meet, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony are several ways people are trying to find their soul mate.

• explain the idea of intentionally taking hours to respond and days to text back
• We are currently in a “hook-up” culture
• relationship communication occurs via text, creates detachment, impersonal form of interaction
• whole idea of human decency is ideal, honesty isn’t mandatory
• Allows you to easily cut ties over text, phone, email, – no face to face interaction
• There is a forum dedicated on how to successfully find someone on Tinder

Conclusion- my contention is that literacy/ electracy is not preserved through online dating.

Online dating kills orality and literacy
There is an unequal distribution of ……
For us to move productively into a electrate culture we must first being to identify the current problems we face and how we can readily resolve them. The issue of language being reconstructed online, there are new meanings being brought to the words like ” trace, like, share, respost etc.. . elaborate on how we are constantly redefining these words.

How do we move productively into electracy (explain)

The fact that we are constantly reinventing new types of writing is a set back and we are obliterating language itself. Doing so it possible however it will affect the nature of men and women. The eethical nature will be affected because of x,y,z . . . (elaborate)

Talk about Mumford’s points***


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