Perspectives: The Surreal & the Real

Author: Mosammed Akter

Blog#1 “The Yellow Wallpaper”

At first while reading “The Yellow Wallpaper”¬† I found interesting about the narrator and her husband. Which made me think how can a husband behave with his wife like that. Even through she has mental issue, he supposed to not treat her like a child and hurts her feelings. As a husband he should of support her and listen to her. The most interesting part that I found about the wallpaper and how she feel about it was interesting to know. The narrator introduced her life through the wallpaper. She thinks there is so many great well women who is trapped behind the pattern, which she meant herself. She is trapped in her room by her husband. Who doesn’t listen to her and doesn’t take her anything¬† serious.¬† She likes to write but her husband doesn’t let her doing it. I think the husband doesn’t want her to get well. He just want her to stay home. He doesn’t let her to out and breathe. I felt like he wants to control her. The narrator wants to escape from her room and go out but her husband is stopping her.

Blog#4 “The Sandkings”

“The Sandkings” by George R. R. Martin is a creepiest story I have ever read. I never had read this kind of horror story. Main character of the story Kress who brought some small insects like creatures for entertainment. He didn’t take those insects seriously.¬† He made them fight with each other by giving them a little amount food and he wanted to be god of those innocent insects. Kress brought those pets to satisfy his cruel pursuit of amusement.¬† He was really mean to those insects.¬† He didn’t care about them if they are even dying from starving. He just wanted to enjoy their war with each other for food. Which I felt really bad about and made me feel mad at him. Just because they are small insects¬† doesn’t mean they can’t feel the pain. Whatever he did to those creatures was really cruel and wrong.¬† After all they have life and they feel pain like him. How he would of feel if he was starving like those sandkings.? He didn’t even think of what he was doing wrong to those sandkings. He should of treat them well because they are his pets. Because of his cruelty at¬† the¬† end he is destroyed by his own creatures. After all the story was really interesting and I¬† ¬†enjoyed it.

Blog#5 “A Sound of Thunder”

“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury was a great story.¬† It made me think in different way about time travel.¬† I think if would of have a time travel machine, I would like to travel in my country¬† and want back those days I spend when I was a kid. That life was beautiful and with everyone love. The story “A Sound of Thunder”¬† is about a guy¬† name Eckels, who¬† agreed to “Time Safaris” to travel in the past and kill a dinosaur. At first while reading the story I thought he is a brave and strong man. But when he faced the dinosaur he got scared. The way he said strongly he is going to kill the dinosaur,¬† he didn’t able to even through he had confidence in himself and had experience of killing animals. He didn’t know that dinosaur will be so big.¬† We think that we could do anything but it doesn’t actually happen that way. Things seem to be different in real than what we had think we can do. The time safaris rule was for him¬† to follow the instructions.¬† Eckels didn’t follow the instructions. He accidentally killed a butterfly by getting scared of dinosaur. For that small mistake Eckels brought change in the future. Ray Bradbury I guess wanted make us understand that small things can create a big problem. Where big things doesn’t matter like dinosaur. Because of his one small mistake, he changed the future and also loose his life. I would like to say that we should always follow the instruction before doing something and not let bad things happen.

Blog#3 “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien

“The things they carried” by Tim O’Brien¬† is a story about war experience of soldiers. By reading this story I got to know how sad is soldier life. It’s like they are sacrificing their life, family , and their love ones. They go through many situations during the war and that effect on them physically and mentally. Tim O’Brien¬† mentioned every single things each soldier carried with them. He explained every physical and emotional burdens each soldier carried.¬† He used the¬† tangible and intangible things to make us understand what actually each soldier carried. He let us know how every soldier is unique by listing every single things each soldier carried. Tim O’Brien lists lot of tangible things soldiers carried, such as all the weapons, equipment and including personal stuff each soldier carried. Which I felt little boring¬† about while reading this story and then it got interesting. However,¬† mainly he focused on the intangible things like emotions they carried with them. They carried love, each others guilty consciences.¬†Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is the one who he said more about.¬† Lt. Jimmy cross always thought about this crush Martha. And he blame himself for his fellow’s death.¬† He thinks¬† he thought about Martha too much and that’s caused his fellow to die. Jimmy cross carried this guilt through end of the war. Which also changed him and brought his focus to the war. Which is really important for soldiers in the war.¬† War is about fight so they need much focus¬† to keep their surrounding and their self safe.

Blog#2 Jhumpa Lahiri, “This Blessed House”

“This Blessed House” is a interesting story about newly marriage couples Twinkle and Sanjeev. They don’t know each other that well and having difficulties to adjust with each other. They have their own expectations about what a husband and wife should be.¬† Sanjeev wants Twinkle¬† the way he expect, like to care about him and listen to him. But she is way out of his expectations. She does things that¬† she wants to do. Both have two different personalities. Their conflicts start when Twinkle begins to finding those Christ figurines. I don’t know why Twinkle is keeps finding those Christian paraphernalia and saved them in the mantel. Even her husband does not like it and¬† said her to get rid of those. Maybe she is curious about those figurines and sees them cute or there maybe be other reason why she is so curious about Christian religious stuff.¬† Which I found interesting about Twinkle.¬† Sanjeev is worried that if his coworkers see those Christ stuff, what they will think about it. Because they are not Christian, they are Hindus. He needs to sustain his social image and he is more likely traditional than twinkle. He is concerned about his personality.¬† But Twinkle does not care about it , she is free-spirited and adventurous . Where¬† Sanjeev is unadventurous and insecure. From Sanjeev perspective I think¬† it’s okay to be react like that about those Christ relics because they are not Christian. What his neighbors and relatives will think¬† if they saw Christian statute and poster at Hindus house. They most likely going to take it negatively.¬† But Twinkle is not caring about it and thinks those figurines as hidden treasures and found them interesting.¬† They are failed to live together with two different personality. They wouldn’t have that difficulties if they would of know each other well and get married. However, Different people have different mind and see things and think¬† from their own perspective which seems like fine, realistic about this story and conflicts between couples.


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