“The things they carried” by Tim O’BrienĀ  is a story about war experience of soldiers. By reading this story I got to know how sad is soldier life. It’s like they are sacrificing their life, family , and their love ones. They go through many situations during the war and that effect on them physically and mentally. Tim O’BrienĀ  mentioned every single things each soldier carried with them. He explained every physical and emotional burdens each soldier carried.Ā  He used theĀ  tangible and intangible things to make us understand what actually each soldier carried. He let us know how every soldier is unique by listing every single things each soldier carried. Tim O’Brien lists lot of tangible things soldiers carried, such as all the weapons, equipment and including personal stuff each soldier carried. Which I felt little boringĀ  about while reading this story and then it got interesting. However,Ā  mainly he focused on the intangible things like emotions they carried with them. They carried love, each others guilty consciences.Ā Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is the one who he said more about.Ā  Lt. Jimmy cross always thought about this crush Martha. And he blame himself for his fellow’s death.Ā  He thinksĀ  he thought about Martha too much and that’s caused his fellow to die. Jimmy cross carried this guilt through end of the war. Which also changed him and brought his focus to the war. Which is really important for soldiers in the war.Ā  War is about fight so they need much focusĀ  to keep their surrounding and their self safe.