At first while reading “The Yellow Wallpaper”  I found interesting about the narrator and her husband. Which made me think how can a husband behave with his wife like that. Even through she has mental issue, he supposed to not treat her like a child and hurts her feelings. As a husband he should of support her and listen to her. The most interesting part that I found about the wallpaper and how she feel about it was interesting to know. The narrator introduced her life through the wallpaper. She thinks there is so many great well women who is trapped behind the pattern, which she meant herself. She is trapped in her room by her husband. Who doesn’t listen to her and doesn’t take her anything  serious.  She likes to write but her husband doesn’t let her doing it. I think the husband doesn’t want her to get well. He just want her to stay home. He doesn’t let her to out and breathe. I felt like he wants to control her. The narrator wants to escape from her room and go out but her husband is stopping her.