“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury was a great story.  It made me think in different way about time travel.  I think if would of have a time travel machine, I would like to travel in my country  and want back those days I spend when I was a kid. That life was beautiful and with everyone love. The story “A Sound of Thunder”  is about a guy  name Eckels, who  agreed to “Time Safaris” to travel in the past and kill a dinosaur. At first while reading the story I thought he is a brave and strong man. But when he faced the dinosaur he got scared. The way he said strongly he is going to kill the dinosaur,  he didn’t able to even through he had confidence in himself and had experience of killing animals. He didn’t know that dinosaur will be so big.  We think that we could do anything but it doesn’t actually happen that way. Things seem to be different in real than what we had think we can do. The time safaris rule was for him  to follow the instructions.  Eckels didn’t follow the instructions. He accidentally killed a butterfly by getting scared of dinosaur. For that small mistake Eckels brought change in the future. Ray Bradbury I guess wanted make us understand that small things can create a big problem. Where big things doesn’t matter like dinosaur. Because of his one small mistake, he changed the future and also loose his life. I would like to say that we should always follow the instruction before doing something and not let bad things happen.