“The Sandkings” by George R. R. Martin is a creepiest story I have ever read. I never had read this kind of horror story. Main character of the story Kress who brought some small insects like creatures for entertainment. He didn’t take those insects seriously.  He made them fight with each other by giving them a little amount food and he wanted to be god of those innocent insects. Kress brought those pets to satisfy his cruel pursuit of amusement.  He was really mean to those insects.  He didn’t care about them if they are even dying from starving. He just wanted to enjoy their war with each other for food. Which I felt really bad about and made me feel mad at him. Just because they are small insects  doesn’t mean they can’t feel the pain. Whatever he did to those creatures was really cruel and wrong.  After all they have life and they feel pain like him. How he would of feel if he was starving like those sandkings.? He didn’t even think of what he was doing wrong to those sandkings. He should of treat them well because they are his pets. Because of his cruelty at  the  end he is destroyed by his own creatures. After all the story was really interesting and I   enjoyed it.