The way of all flesh

The introduction of the Article “The way of all flesh” by Ted Conover starts with of how cattle are dropped at a facility cite where 5,100 cattle are slaughtered per day. The number in itself makes us wonder about the efficacy of the whole system. The process starting from how the leading the cows in to kill floor to how they are murdered (for lack of better verbiage). How the process of mass murder of these animals, who are often ill-treated, bred for the sole purpose of being killed and consumed, have most probably never seen a green pasture, are done deprived of any emotional connection from the people performing these acts due to the system’s very productive way of separating the processes and keeping certain part of it hidden from view. In my opinion being omnivore as a human is not a bad act in itself, there are cycle of nature and life in place even in the wild. The primary cause of my concern is the fact that we are slaughtering in the name of availability/security of food in a consumeristic society where food insecurity still exists in large proportion.  Moreover, will there ever be a point when we can go back and correct our process of treating animals so inhumanely and put may be a little of love in the process. Will I stop consuming meat? Probably not. Will I find a way to research my source and try to find a more plausible way where I know that are at least being killed with a little respect and love. Definitely.

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  1. Michael Krondl

    I think love may be pushing it but you make some fine points about respect. For what it’s worth most cattle spend at least part of their lives in open pasture. Pigs and chickens are another matter.


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