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Last Thursday, I visited the green market located in Borough Park. This market was small; it only had two vendors. This was my first time going to a green market, so I was expecting more. Green markets exist because they give farmers the opportunity to sell their fruits and vegetables to locals throughout New York City. Although the market was small, there was so much fresh produce ready to be sold. There were tons of seasonal fruits and vegetables at the market, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, onions, squash, turnips, apples, and so much more! Oddly enough, I noticed watermelons were being sold. The size of the watermelons was small; I did not take note of how much they were going for. The prices at the green market were decent. At my local supermarket, a bag of apples is $5.00; however, at the greenmarket, it was going for $3.00/lb. Listed below are the prices of the goods I took note of. 

Zucchini -$2.50/lb.  

Yellow onions: $3.00/lb. 

Eggplant- $   

Radish -$3.00/lb.  

Yukon gold and red potatoes: $3.00/lb. 


Overall, the greenmarket was an interesting experience, and I wouldn’t mind attending another one. 

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