Daniel Jung

According to a recent New York Times article titled “That Dinner Tab Has Soared. Here Are All the Reasons,” the prices of dining out have skyrocketed due to inflation. This article, in particular, reveals a shocking increase in ingredient prices. Inflation in New York City has caused the prices of essentially everything to increase; from basic ingredients like canola oil and flour to equipment/maintenance and utility bills. I have personally noticed the effects of inflation around my life when dining out for dinner with friends. My friends and I tend to dine at restaurants that we are familiar with and have noticed that the prices of the dishes that we would typically order have become slightly more expensive than they used to be. Personally, I believe that I would get very annoyed when I see something that I purchase regularly increase in price. An example of inflation’s impact is shown at a restaurant named “Good Food on Montford,” when beef and pork particularly skyrocketed in price. Mr. Moffett, the owner of the restaurant, states that the pressing demand for workers are to blame for the sudden rise in price for beef and pork. Mr. Moffett lays the blame on the shortage of truck drivers, people working in the factories, and the people working in the fields.

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