Aeshah Ahmed

After reading “That Dinner Tab Has Soared. Here Are All the Reasons,” my honest reaction was the opposite of shocked. Considering the inflation issues throughout America, eating out in general has become extremely expensive. Personally, going out to eat in New York City is inevitable. It’s always a nice treat, but it’s not something I do often for the exact reason that it’s costly. From the cost of paying staff to buying food for a restaurant, this article comprehensively breaks down these issues. Specifically, the cost of beef and pork, Mr. Moffer of  Good Food on Montford says, has skyrocketed. The reason is simply because of the truck driver shortage for the local companies they buy from. So the high prices aren’t because of issues with the product itself, but with its transportation. This tends to happen a lot in the restaurant industry because they heavily rely on local vendors to ship out fresh meats and produce daily. 

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