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Writing Assignment: Trolling

Trolling as a whole, is the act of making an offensive online post with the intentions of hurting, or getting an angry reaction out of another person. Trolling seems to be very mainstream, and examples can be shown in the media. As for celebrities such as musicians, actors, and actresses, trolling is done by so called haters. For example, according to Yahoo!, “‘The Walking Dead’ Star Alanna Masterson Fires Back at Fat-Shaming Trolls…” Alanna Masterson has shown to be a victim of trolling. This article explains how after shooting an episode of The Walking Dead, Alanna received mass amounts of discrimination. Fat-shaming, is a form of discrimination in which a person is scrutinized due to their weight. Alanna was discriminated since she obtained some baby weight. After having her daughter, she posted to Instagram “Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it’s ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don’t have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance” (Yahoo!). Basically Alanna took a shot back at the haters, not letting them bring her down. A clever yet inspiring response influenced her fans to show even more support. This is just one example of trolling, but these problems can be alleviated if we support one another.

Assignment 2W


1. Where can we draw the line as to what should be allowed to be taken down from search engines?

2. If there was a small fee remove the links from the search engines, can the removal of the links be used to create more jobs?

3.  How can the removal of personal information on search engines affect businesses or personal life in the future?


1.  What can journalists do to ensure they are able to find information quickly enough to be able to post ground breaking stories quickly?

2. Is it better to remove the story entirely or edit it based on new information?

3. What should news sites or papers do when someone’s personal life is damaged due to hasty false information in an article?

Assignment 2B

Corporations have been influencing news sources for many years to only feed us information that will benefit them. If a big corporation decides to buy out an independent news source, they can persuade journalists to change their wording to only speak in their favor. This lets a lot of big corporations get away with a lot of injustices as the journalists write about only their accomplishments and the little good deeds that they may do for the local communities. The article I read as an example “Could A Small Nuclear War Reverse Global Warming?”  was published by the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post was purchased by AOL. AOL has also purchased many other corporations in the past as well. The article defends the use of Nuclear weapons and states that it can be beneficial to the environment. They vaguely talk about how it has killed many people in the past. A mainstream new source would  not defend the use of nuclear weapons.

Main stream media/vs/independent news

Corporate interests have a major influence on our lives. We may not realize this, however a majority of the information or “news” that we receive on a daily basisis controlled by big corporate news outlets. Some major names include CBS, Fox5, CNN etc. Most people get their news from watching these news channels, and are given information in a way that may be tweaked or mis conceived in a way to make people think a certain way. For example. Fox 5 is highly criticized for portraying African Americans in a bad light, or any person of color in a bad view. If a young black make commits a crime Fox 5 calls it violence, if an Arab or Indian male commits a crime its automatically an act of terrorism. But, if a white male has committed the same if not worse crime he is troubled or comes from a troubled up brining. This is unfair to the public and not ethical in my opinion.

There is an article posted on an independent news site (naturalnews.com). The article is titled, The 13 most evil U.S. government experiments on humans. I chose this particular article because I know that the government has an enormous control over what gets sent out into the news and what people can and should not hear about. I know that a big corporate outlet like CNN would not publish an article about the many ways the government has tortured humans. CNN would probably publish an article on why the government chooses to go about torture and how torture can prevent further attacks on the USA. But, CNN would not punish an in depth article on the horrors of government torture on people. I have actually googled CNN and government torture article, and the second thing that pops up is an article of Donald Trump explaining why torture may have prevented attacks on Brussels. (http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/22/politics/donald-trump-torture-brussels-abdeslam/)