Writing Assignment: Trolling

Trolling as a whole, is the act of making an offensive online post with the intentions of hurting, or getting an angry reaction out of another person. Trolling seems to be very mainstream, and examples can be shown in the media. As for celebrities such as musicians, actors, and actresses, trolling is done by so called haters. For example, according to Yahoo!, “‘The Walking Dead’ Star Alanna Masterson Fires Back at Fat-Shaming Trolls…” Alanna Masterson has shown to be a victim of trolling. This article explains how after shooting an episode of The Walking Dead, Alanna received mass amounts of discrimination. Fat-shaming, is a form of discrimination in which a person is scrutinized due to their weight. Alanna was discriminated since she obtained some baby weight. After having her daughter, she posted to Instagram “Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it’s ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don’t have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance” (Yahoo!). Basically Alanna took a shot back at the haters, not letting them bring her down. A clever yet inspiring response influenced her fans to show even more support. This is just one example of trolling, but these problems can be alleviated if we support one another.

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