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Assignment 2W


  1. Should the United States follow European lead of encrypting data that they receive before its release on the internet?
  2. If someone requests a delinking of their information, should their information be allowed to be removed globally?
  3. Do you believe the negatives things of peoples lives, should be available for the work to view?


  1. True or False. Once you delete something it’s gone for good?
  2. Should news organization’s unpublising policy become a law of journalism?
  3. If the new organization does delete or unpublished a story, should the news organization apologize for that error? If so, who should make that apologize?


Assignment 2W


1. Where can we draw the line as to what should be allowed to be taken down from search engines?

2. If there was a small fee remove the links from the search engines, can the removal of the links be used to create more jobs?

3.  How can the removal of personal information on search engines affect businesses or personal life in the future?


1.  What can journalists do to ensure they are able to find information quickly enough to be able to post ground breaking stories quickly?

2. Is it better to remove the story entirely or edit it based on new information?

3. What should news sites or papers do when someone’s personal life is damaged due to hasty false information in an article?