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Assignment 10B

There are many movies, books and television shows about an advance technological future. Creature either express what they waist the world looked like or what they believe are yet to come. Looking and writting this blog, there are two movies I like that technology is so advance and it in everyone’s day to day life. It’s a movie called tommorrowland we’re there are still advances that people are trying to make but there are already major and amazing advances. Like jet pacts, zero gravity with the flip of a switch, voice acted technology, with out the use of your hands at all.  And the next movie, is about a voice activated house. It does everything you can tell it to turn on the oven, you can set an alarm, you on the television from another room. Imagine a world with voice activated homes, and jet pacts and seems like so much fun. We close already with phones you can talk to and car that drive by themselves. I wonder how advance we will become.

Assignment 9B

I agree we do just trust not only Google but your electric devices with our personal information.  Vaidhyanathan argues that, “we trust google with our personal info and preferences and without access to knowledge because we trust technology that satisfies our prejudices.”  According to David McCandless we tend to believe some of the scares we see on social media. He gathered information from people statuses and was able to put together a chart about just from the course of breaks up in the year alone. We solely rely on technology to to hold our social security, passwords and even credit numbers and information.

Assignment 8B

According to Meszaro when it comes to “Questioning Authority” there are many things at play. There’s administrative authority which relating to teachers, whereas, students listen and try to follow their teacher or professors for a great grade. But when it comes to librarians , like children they would rather ask and trust the opinions of their friends than a librarian. This relates to “The New Epistemology” thesis where as there are two types of students the “Dualists” ones who believe the consumption of knowledge solely rest with their instructors and them alone so like children they believe everything there Professors saw and follow the authorities of their teachers. Where on the other hand, there’s the  “Multiplists” who leaners from everything and everyone, that everyone’s knowledge, wise and opinions are tools to expand their own knowledge. College students are believed two be in between the two as where they each have their strengths and weaknesses to the methods. Where libraries and its librarians are just as important to you as professors in helping you obtain the important information needed to succeed in your academic disciples.

Assignment 7B

The Freedom of Information act is according to, The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. The Department of Justice and The Department of State inforce that federal law. I think it benefits the people normally the government keeps things to its self and doesn’t tell the people anything. With the FOIA it gives us the right to access information from the Department of State administers information which gives you access to programs including the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act, and the Mandatory Declassification Review programs. These programs can be used to obtain access to a variety of Department records.

Assignment 6B

Martin’s book chapter is available because he uses his own book as an example to his argument.  According to his book, there are different aspects to knowledge. You seek knowledge in your field a long with getting it from outside sources. Knowledge doesn’t remain the same, it can change over time along with our thoughts and discoveries in the world. Along with our biases in various ways, to various things. He states there is a bond between power and knowledge, through funding, disciplines, hierarchy and competition. People are so obsessed with holding on to that little bit of knowledge there so afraid to share and let it evolve. And in our fields we use it as a weapon in a hierarchy to keep people in line. When we shouldn’t be so closed minded, we should share our knowledge and add to it, help evolve as people, gaining knowledge in various disciplines. We should liberate our knowledge for the world to share and learn. That why Martin’s book chapter was available to read as a PDF on the web.

4B Classification

Classification is the creating or grouping of  similar qualities. It’s used to classify humans from plants,  mammals from reptiles  and rich from poor. According to Dye, in the use of technology folksonomy  is the mash up of folk and taxonomy, when it comes to the community of people creating metadata through the internet.  Tagging a picture, a URL, status, video or etc creates a group or a classification of a keyword or phrase. For example if a person tags a blog with the important of  Evolution. It will be imprinted on the internet and even time some one lookes up the word evolution or phrase with evolution in it. That tagged blog would pop up with that information someone tagged for the public. Classification is important to were data can be shared and grouped based on common qualifications, words and phrases.

Assignment #3B

I think every people has a right to be forgotten, if that’s what they truly want. I don’t believe the right to be forgotten and freedom of speech clash. Being forgotten can be considered a form of free speech. Being free speech is a form of expression. Digital identity to me means, every piece of information whether social media pages, articles, government information anything accessible by the internet shows a basic understanding of who you are as an individual. It gives a face to the name, it expresses you ideas, your address, connects to others and so much more that you yourself have put in world view. I think you, yourself are an aspect to what are seen on the web so you have some control. As to the places and site you give your information to. The other aspect is the giver they also control, parts of your life a that are accessible and can pull information from all over to make your identity.

Assignment 2W


  1. Should the United States follow European lead of encrypting data that they receive before its release on the internet?
  2. If someone requests a delinking of their information, should their information be allowed to be removed globally?
  3. Do you believe the negatives things of peoples lives, should be available for the work to view?


  1. True or False. Once you delete something it’s gone for good?
  2. Should news organization’s unpublising policy become a law of journalism?
  3. If the new organization does delete or unpublished a story, should the news organization apologize for that error? If so, who should make that apologize?


Assignment 2B

I learned that Main Streamed media news stations, based on their political views seem more bias to that side and in the way their new stations news is presented to the world. Government swayed news stations see to cover things up, focus on the politics and make things on sided. The worst the story is made out to be the more ratings and money the station gets. On the other hand, Alternative independent news stations talk about the affects on the community, want to show you both sides as is and politics aren’t the main focus. I looked an article about a boy that was friends with my brother’s and lived in our neighbor. I knew the story already he set a mattress on fire but tried to put it out before it got out of control. Then the police arrived and two of them died and I knew what Main Streamed media stations were already saying, it was all over the news and papers. He was portrayed as a monster, that he set the mattress on fire on purpose. He was a troublemaker and he deserved max time for his crime. While on Metro news, the little news paper you get in the train station a newspaper just to read while on the train said he was a stupid kid and he doesn’t deserved to have half of his life taken away . It was the building fault for leaving the mattress and the officers fault for not following emergency protocol. Main Stream and Alternative news have different point of views when it comes to how the news is given and perceived.

Assignment 1B

I’ve read all the articles and personal not based on generation, I found I prefer both ways. Based on the article written by Jabr, “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age” he explains the difference between digital books and print. I find if I’m on the go digital works best as where I can have it downloaded on my iPad or on my phone, it’s convenient. There’s an app where I can underline the text, bookmark so I don’t lose the page I’m on and even write things in the column. Yet, if my iPad or phone is dead or is broken I’m done for. On the other hand I love printed books. From the feeling of the pages as I turn them, the smell of the books in the library. As the memories that come along with them. Yet, they also can be destroyed and Im done for. Either, a books a book an I love them either way.