Research Question and Thesis

Due Date:

Research Question and Thesis Statement Due: 11/6 at the beginning of class


Choose a focused and specific research topic that relates to topics and issues covered in the course. Determine your stance and argument about the topic/issue and phrase it as a question. Develop a thesis statement based on a specific claim based on the research question.


  • Be sure to give your thesis clear structure and logical organization.
  • Your statement must be typed, in MLA format (doublespaced,
    12pt, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins).
  • Your name, my name, the due date, and the assignment should all appear at the top
    of your first page (no cover page).
  • Your thesis must be edited for grammar, typos, and readability.
Late Research Topic and Thesis Statements will not be accepted for credit.

Adapted from content by Sarah Paruolo, 2017

“Personal Narrative Essay Assignment” by Sarah Paruolo is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0