Course Schedule

Date Topic Assignments
8/28  Course Overview Read: Syllabus
8/30  Learning to Learn Read: Wikiversity РThe Socratic Method

Plato –¬†Meno

Due: Join OpenLab

Sign up for a City Tech New York Times Subscription

9/4 The Writing Process ‚Äď Prewriting Read: James Bessen – “The Automation Paradox”

In Conversation –¬†Understanding Rhetoric, Audience, Writer, Purpose, Brainstorming

Excelsior OWL – Prewriting Strategies

Writing For Success Apply Prewriting Models

Lab: Prewriting/Brainstorming

9/6 Plagiarism Read: Excelsior OWL РPlagiarism РClick through and read all the slideshows and do the self check quizzes

City Tech Library Plagiarism Tutorial

In Conversation РPlagiarism and Ethical Citation

9/13 The Writing Process – Arguments and Logic Read:¬†Clinton Lawson – “America’s 150-Year Opioid Epidemic”

Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking Sections 1.1 Р1.7

9/20 ¬†The Writing Process – Arguments and Logic Read:¬†Austin Frakt – “Overshadowed by the Opioid Crisis: A Comeback by Cocaine”

Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking Sections 1.8 Р1.12

Excelsior OWL – Modes of Persuasion

9/25 ¬†The Writing Process – Thesis Michael Pollan – “My Adventures With the Trip Doctors”

Excelsior OWL – Argumentative Thesis

Writing For SuccessDeveloping a Strong, Clear Thesis Statement

Due: Personal Essay Draft (in class) – 2 copies

Lab: Peer Review

9/27 The Writing Process – Summarizing and Quotation Read:¬†Ezra Klein ‚Äď “How Politics Makes Us Stupid”

In Conversation¬†–¬†Introduction to Summary Writing

Summarizing and Quoting

10/2 ¬†The Writing Process – Transitions Read: Daniel DeNicola – “You don’t have a right to believe whatever you want to”

Excelsior OWL – Paragraphing & Transitioning

 Lab: In-Class Writing #1

10/4 ¬†The Writing Process – Revising and Editing Read: Skye C. Cleary – “Human Nature Matters”

Excelsior OWL – Revising and Editing

Writing For Success Revising and Editing

10/7 Personal Essay Final Due: Personal Essay Final Draft (on Blackboard)
10/9 Read:¬†¬†Stephen T. Asma – “What Religion Gives Us (That Science Can’t)”

Lab: In-Class Writing #2

10/11 Read:¬†Jeff Sebo – Should Chimpanzees Be Considered ‘Persons’?
10/16 Read: Vasilis Kostakis – “Utopia Now”

Due: Compare/Contrast Draft (in class) – 2 copies

Lab: Peer Review

10/18 Read:¬†Michael Robillard – The ‘Killer Robots’ are Us
10/23 Read: Matthew Stewart – “The 9.9 Percent is the New American Aristocracy”

Lab: Individual Essay Review

10/25 Read: Andrew Jacobs – In Sweeping War on Obesity, Chile Slays Tony the Tiger”
10/28 Compare/Contrast Final Due: Compare/Contrast Final Draft (on Blackboard)
10/30 ¬†Introduction to Research Read:¬†Aaron R. Brough & James E.B. Wilkie ‚Äď “Men Resist Green Behavior as Unmanly”

Lab: Introduction to Research

11/1  Midterm Essay  In-Class Midterm Essay
11/6 The Research Process Read: Andrew Reiner ‚Äď “Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls”

Due: Research Question and Thesis (in class)

Lab: In-Class Writing #2

11/8 Doing Research ¬†Read: David McGlynn – “In the #MeToo Era, Raising Boys to Be Good Guys”
11/13 Read:¬†Jeff Goodell ‚Äď “Can New York Be Saved?”

Lab: Reliable and Academic Sources, Evaluating Sources

11/15 Academic / Reliable Sources Read:¬†Bill McKibben ‚Äď “Winning Slowly is the Same as Losing”
11/20 Scholarly Communication / Peer Review Read: Jason W. Moore – “The Rise of Cheap Nature”
11/27 Organizing Research Read:¬†Hans J. Morgenthau – “Death in the Nuclear Age”

Due: Annotated Bibliography (in class)

11/29 Read:¬†Henry David Thoreau ‚Äď “Civil Disobedience”
12/4 Read:¬†Martin Luther King Jr. ‚Äď “A Letter from Birmingham Jail”

Here is a link to a scan of the actual typed letter and audio recordings

Lab: In-Class Writing #3

Due: Research Outline (in class)

12/6 Read:¬†Ta-Nehisi Coates ‚Äď “The Case for Reparations”
12/11 Read: Emily Badger, Claire Cain Miller, Adam Pearce, & Kevin Quealy – “Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys”
12/13 Hand out/Read Final Exam Reading
12/16 Research Essay Final Due: Research Essay (on Blackboard)
12/18  Final Exam
12/20  Final Exam Make Up